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How Can a Personal Loan Help You Relocate to a New City?


Moving from one place to another can be just as stressful as it is costly. If someone is moving to a new city, they will need some extra money to pay for transportation, furniture for the new house, or even the security deposit. 

When moving to a new city, an instant personal loan can help people pay for these extra costs. This article will discuss how to apply for a personal loan and its pros and cons. The article will also discuss the alternatives to personal loans. 

With a personal loan, one can pay for all the transportation costs, hire people to help load and unload goods, and pay for a temporary place to live until the new home is ready. 

Pros and Cons of an Instant Personal Loan 

As the name suggests, personal loans are used to pay for personal needs. But a person shouldn’t get a loan if he can’t pay back the monthly interest. If the person doesn’t pay his monthly bills, it will hurt his credit score. Let’s look at the pros and cons of instant personal loans.

Pros of an Instant Personal Loan

  • Quick and easy access to funds

Some lenders put the money into a person’s bank account the same day or the next day after a loan is approved. It makes it easy to access money. 

  • Flexible loan terms

The best thing about an instant personal loan is that a person has from 12 to 84 months to pay it back. Long-term loans mean the person has to pay more interest until the loan is paid off.

  • No collateral is required

A person doesn’t have to put up collateral when applying for an instant personal loan, and he can get the loan quickly.

  • Fixed interest rates

Fixed interest rates make instant personal loans even more popular and helpful. The same payment will have to be made until the loan is paid off.

  • To pay for medical emergencies

A personal loan can help a person with medical emergencies if he moves to a new place. 

Cons of Instant Personal Loans

Long-term debts

As mentioned above, the loan repayment duration ranges from 12 to 84 months, leaving clients in long-term debt.

High rates of interest

Interest rates can go up over time.

How to Apply for a Personal Loan?

Try to find a lender

Use Google. One can find a lot of lenders online and should read their terms and conditions, minimum credit score requirements, and fees carefully. 

Contact several lenders

Talk to different lenders to find the best terms and conditions. Also, ensure that the lender gives the person the lowest possible interest rate on the loan.

Calculate the relocation budget

When moving to a new city or place, a person doesn’t always need to take out a big loan. He should figure out what he needs and know what he wants.

Personal Loan Alternative

Some people want to avoid the high cost of instant personal loans, so they look for alternatives to fulfil their needs. So let’s look at alternatives to an instant personal loan.

  • Family loans: They are considered the best way to avoid interest or pay little interest when overseeing expenses.  
  • Savings: Some people use their savings to cover expenses rather than applying for a personal loan. 
  • Payday alternative loans: if the credit score is low and the person is not eligible to get a suitable personal loan, he can consider payday loans. These loans are designed to help them avoid high-interest loans and last 12 months. 

Risks of Using a Personal Loan 

Loans always come with many risks. Some risks of taking a personal loan are given below:

  • Not having enough money to pay your instalment

The most significant risk of opting for a personal loan is that you won’t be able to pay back what you owe to your lender. You could face severe financial consequences if you can’t afford the monthly loan payment and the debt on your loan.

  • Taking on excessive debt 

If you take out a personal loan and agree to make monthly payments, this debt may prevent you from achieving other goals you may have. This is because you will no longer be able to save, as you will be paying off your debt with your income.


Getting an instant personal loan can make moving to a new city easier. But be careful before you take the loan. Keep in mind the extra costs and how you will pay the instalments. Moving to a new place is hard, but personal loans can make it easier. To know more, visit the Piramal Finance website and explore their products and services.