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Home Renovation Loan: Apply Mortgage Loan for Home Expansion


Want to find the best home renovation loan? Is it good to apply for a home renovation loan? What is the fastest way to get a home renovation loan? A mortgage loan may be used for anything linked to buying real estate, such as constructing a house, purchasing one that has already been constructed, or holding a reserve on an undeveloped property. Most of India’s leading banks provide these loans, commonly known as “home renovation loan.

Furthermore, home-building loans are not the same as loans for purchasing a home or property. These three sorts of home renovation loan each have their own set of restrictions and criteria and distinct interest rates. There are also several loan repayment terms available. A construction loan is authorized and paid out somewhat differently than a conventional mortgage.

How would you define a construction loan?

Someone who already owns land may get a mortgage to construct a home on it, whether they wish to do it themselves or hire a constructor. These loans are often referred to as “ mortgage loan.”

A home renovation loan is when someone borrows money to purchase or construct a house for themselves or their family. This loan may be granted to you provided you put aside a particular percentage of your monthly income to repay it. Most house loans allow consumers to borrow up to 80% of the home’s worth. Section 80C of the Income Tax Act allows you to deduct mortgage interest from your income.

Eligibility criteria

Everyone wants to buy a home at some time in their life. You’ll need your own home if you want to have a family or operate a professional real estate firm. You can achieve your objective by obtaining a mortgage loan to purchase a house, build a house, or complete a building. Customers may get these loans from various financial organizations, including banks.

These home renovation loan may be useful while preparing to settle into a permanent residence. However, you should be aware that construction and mortgage loans are not the same things. Anyone seeking a house loan must fulfill the following criteria:

  • People here range in age from 18 to 65.
  • You must be an Indian citizen, whether you reside in India or not, to be eligible (for NRI).
  • There are both salaried employment and freelancing or contract labor.
  • Excellent credit is defined as a credit score of 750 or better.
  • Minimum monthly salary: 25,000 Indian rupees (about $360).

The Required Paperwork

You must prove ownership to the lender if you want a loan to build a house on your own land. These are needed with KYC and income proof for a home improvement loan. The owner may own the land outright or have received it from CIDCO or the Delhi Development Authority. A home renovation loan may be feasible if the lease is long and in good standing. Along with the deed, you must produce a certificate certifying the property is lien-free.

Before starting construction with a home renovation loan, the gram panchayat must approve the house plans. A civil engineer or architect must also submit a verified cost estimate. If the lender is happy with your overall eligibility and cost estimate, they’ll issue you the loan on the standard terms and conditions.

Spending money on extras

The desired mortgage loan amount decides how much of the borrower’s money will be utilized to construct the home. This is standard procedure for every mortgage loan. If it applies, the cost of the newly purchased plot will be added to the overall cost of home renovation loan.This would only occur if the land were purchased lately. However, if you inherited the plot, received it as a gift, or purchased it a very, very long time ago, the value or cost of the plot will not be utilized to determine how much you must pay. This holds in all three of these cases.

There are a few things to consider while looking for a home renovation loan

To calculate the monthly payment, use the following formula:

Home renovation loan applicants must agree to make equivalent monthly installments (EMIs), a series of monthly payments covering both the principal and interest on the loan. The most crucial thing is calculating how much EMI you must pay and comparing it to your income. This review might reveal whether or not the consumer can make loan payments with his existing earnings.

Rate of Interest:

You can acquire a loan for nearly anything, and the interest rates will vary. The interest rate rises as the home renovation loan period lengthen.

The correct organization:

You can get a home renovation loan from many places, like banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. If a borrower wants their loan application approved, they should work with a company with a good name.

How to Get a home renovation loan effortlessly?

If you want a home renovation loan to construct a home on a property you own, you must confirm with the lender that you have the right to own the land. These are necessary for addition to “know your customer” (KYC) and evidence of income.

How much can I borrow to construct my house?

Some home-buying home renovation loan might cover up to 90% of the home’s worth.

Can I receive a mortgage to construct a home before deciding on a location?

If you’re still undecided about the property but want to apply for home renovation, it’s better to get pre-approved. Your income, credit score, and other variables determine this loan. They can apply for funds to construct a home if approved for the mortgage loan.


A home renovation loan can be taken out by both current homeowners and new people. Most banks offer this as part of their services for home improvement or home loans. Users should always look into things on their own. There are also more in-depth, educational articles on Piramal Finance.