Here Are the Best Air Conditioners in India That Will Keep You Cool In Summer


The moderate cooling provided by fans doesn’t suffice when the temperature crosses the mark of 30 °C. It is the time when air conditioners seem like an important purchase. There are some essential parameters that one must consider while looking for air conditioners. The search for a budget-friendly and efficient AC system requires an understanding of available space. In addition, one must also know about the various types of air conditions. 

Following is a list of the best air conditioners in India that can be a good fit for one’s home. Before that, let’s have a quick overview of the numerous types of air conditioners.

Air Conditioner Systems & Their Types

Central AC – This is the most efficient type of air conditioning system. These ACs can keep an entire house free from heat. Moreover, these ACs don’t make any noise, which is a merit. It includes an external condensing unit, an evaporative unit, and a refrigerant tube. These air coolers need a furnace duct system for AC installation.

Window AC – As the term suggests, these air coolers can be installed in a window. These are the most common types of air conditioners found in single-story houses and apartments. These are available in a range of sizes, which is why they fit easily even in small spaces. The larger the size of the AC is, the faster it will cool the room. These air coolers are not as efficient as central air conditioners.

Air-source Heat Pump – Heat pump systems concentrate the warm air in the room and dump the heat outside. Air-source heat pumps are not very common in Indian households. Some commercial settings prefer the efficiency of these systems to keep the area heat-free in summer. This type of air conditioner has low maintenance costs and is more energy-efficient than other ACs.

Split AC – Split air conditioner or a ductless air cooler is also a good option. It is the best choice for houses with no ductwork. Split or ductless air coolers are seen as a more cost-effective cooling solution than window ACs. The conditioner unit is installed inside the house. The refrigerant tubing connects the external unit with the conditioning unit. The installation cost for split AC is not as high as the central air cooler system.

Portable AC – Portable air conditioner is a traditional-style cooling system that can be placed anywhere in a room. It includes a hose vent that lets the heat come out of the room with ease. These are the most budget-efficient alternatives to other types of air conditioning systems. However, the noise can be one significant downside of portable ACs.

List of the Best Air Coolers in India 

1. Blue Star 0.8 Tons 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Rs. 29,490)

Those looking to buy a split AC can consider this corrosion-resistant model from Blue Star. In addition to effective cooling quality, this system also has a light-up display. It only takes a few minutes to cool out an entire room, even during intense temperature rises in summer. The interior unit of the AC perfectly resists mould, moisture, and dust. These qualities also boost the performance of the AC system.

2. Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter AC (Rs. 29,990)

This air conditioning model from Whirlpool is built with 6th sense rapid cool technology. It means that it doesn’t need a stabiliser. Moreover, it is considerably more cost-efficient than other models of the same electronic brand. It is also studded with MPFI technology, which is known for promoting instant cooling. The self-cleaning feature of this air cooler leaves an impact on maintenance.

3. Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter AC (Rs. 32,990)

This impeccable design from Samsung not only suits the budget but also aligns with the style of the house. This well-designed split AC has a digital inverter that contributes to 41% of energy consumption. It also features a 100% copper condenser that briefly enables quick cooling. Aside from other features, its turbo-cooling technology is another prominent reason why one should invest in this model.

4. LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star AI DUAL Inverter Split AC (Rs. 46,690)

All air coolers claim quick cooling and energy efficiency. But LG has introduced this model to simplify energy efficiency. This air conditioning system comes with an in-built virus-protection setup that makes it more powerful than other corrosion-resistant air coolers. It also features a variable speed compressor that identifies heat load. The system then adjusts the power and maintains balanced cooling.

5. Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter AC (Rs. 29,990)

Those who want to buy a noiseless and cost-efficient air cooler can choose this model from Voltas. It comes with a steady cool compressor that allows uniform cooling in every part of the house. This model from Voltas is also known for its energy efficiency. It has an air filtration system that keeps unwanted odours at bay.


Buying the best air cooler in India can be easy if you align your requirements with the available choices of air conditioners. If you need help with appliance purchases or other aspects of the housing budget, you can get in touch with the experts at Piramal Finance for assistance. You can visit Piramal Finance’s website to get an insight into their easy financing solutions, such as credit cards, personal loans, EMIs, and more.