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Health Insurance Plans Available to Senior Citizens in India


Senior citizens became more susceptible to illness during the pandemic due to their lower immunity and strength. Health insurance for older folks is always there to help them when nothing else can. Medical insurance for the elderly is a vital duty. Everyone must take care of their ageing parents or other older adults at home. You must help your aged parents live out their glory days tastefully. 

A health insurance plan for parents might be the best gift one could give their parents as they age. Anyone over the age of 60 can choose medical coverage for parents.

What Exactly Is a Senior Health Insurance Policy?

Health insurance for senior citizens is a health insurance plan that protects those over 60. The plan helps relieve older adults’ physical and monetary hardships in the case of illness or confinement. This sort of senior citizen health insurance policy provides monetary help for medical services for the elderly. It can also be purchased as a single or family floating basis.

Why Should Senior Citizens Get Health Insurance Online?


As the digital surge hits India, many new options have come up. One of them is getting health insurance. You don’t need a lengthy introduction; all you have to do is tap the mouse! Buying health insurance for senior citizens digitally provides unparalleled ease.

Payment Methods that are Safe

Why rely on cash or checks in an age when the world is going contactless? As new systems arise, internet payments are now the safest way to convert. Pay safely using a debit/credit card/ net banking.

Obtain a Quick Policy Paper

You do not have to rely on the insurance paperwork to come via the mail network with online payments. Also, there is no need to worry about the paper’s security. When you make the first payment, you will receive the policy paperwork via mail.

Everything is at Fingertips

Grab all of the policy data, as well as much more, in one spot. Bajaj Health Insurance provides all the papers related to your policy. You can also use healthcare phone applications to reduce the need to hunt for them in multiple files and emails. The app allows you to track your calorie usage and BMI.

Policy Issue and Quick Rates

Would users want to modify the design or add or delete a member? Instead of relying on someone to provide long lessons, choose the online option, which is easily accessible.

Best Plans for Health Insurance for Senior Citizens in India 2022

There are many health insurances for senior citizens available in the market. Bajaj Health Insurance has compiled a list of five senior-person medical care plans to aid buyers.

Health Insurance FirmPlans for Health InsurancePlan Pros
Care Health InsuranceCare SeniorCosts for in-patient care.Costs for both pre- & post-care.Costs for ambulances.Costs for residing.Costs for organ donors.
Future General Health InsuranceVarishta BimaCosts for in-patient care.Costs for pre- & post care.Costs for a road ambulance.Day-care services.
Ergo, HDFC General InsuranceSuraksha: My HealthCosts for in-patient care.Costs for pre-care & post-care.Costs for organ donors.Access to the insured sum.
Ergo, HDFC General InsuranceOptima RestorativeCosts for in-patient care.Costs for pre- & post care.Day-care costs.Costs for a road ambulance.Costs for in-home care.
Star Health and Allied Insurance CompanyThe Red CarpetCosts for in-patient care.Costs for pre- & post care.Day-care costs.Costs for ambulances.Examine health.

Senior Citizen Bajaj Health Insurance

When it refers to old age, one major issue that comes to mind is wellness. In old age, people are more likely to be harmed by various ailments, which raises their costs. To avoid such problems, pick a health insurance policy that covers older folks. 

The Bajaj Family Floater Health Guard coverage will hardly allow the elderly to save money on healthcare. It will allow them to receive the best possible care.

Vital Factors

  • The sum insured is between Rs. 1.5 and 50 Lakh.
  • There is a lifelong lift-back choice offered.
  • Post-care coverage is available for 90 days.
  • Pre-care coverage is available for 60 days.
  • Every 3 years, the insurance provides free preventive care check-ups.
  • The recovery of the covered amount is usable.
  • A copayment reduction of up to 20 percent is given.
  • Clients will receive a 4% discount for the first two years when getting long-term insurance. And an 8% discount for the third year.

Extent of Coverage

  • Daycare services and methods are discussed.
  • Due to the tidy offer form, no medical checks are required for the first 45 years.
  • Ayurvedic and homoeopathic cures are covered.
  • 10% annual bonus gain for each year without a claim, up to 100%.
  • The plan covers costs paid during the recovery period.
  • Ambulance expenses are covered up to a policy year maximum of Rs. 20,000.
  • This policy also covers gastric surgery.


Why Do Senior Citizens Need Health Insurance Plans?

  • Health insurance for senior citizens may help bring peace of mind to a senior citizen. In such a case, a health insurance policy covers the costs paid by a person—aged 60 or over—for medical care.
  • A critical illness might be any phase of a tumour, heart disease, stroke, etc. The risk of being afflicted with a critical illness rises with age. An old health insurance firm can provide coverage for a declared severe disease.
  • The senior citizen’s medical insurance coverage provides a free medical check on an annual basis. Yearly preventive care check-ups are part of health insurance for senior citizens’ plans.


Due to their old age, the elderly require greater medical care. A senior adult can gain from an old age health insurance policy. The retiree insurance policy pays for medical outlays made by someone at least 60 years old. Someone’s parent’s unexpected stays for surgery can be financially and mentally stressful. A retiree’s health insurance coverage might assist anyone in preparing for medical bills. Users can learn more about health insurance policies and many other topics on the Piramal Finance website. Find authentic and personalised information on financial products and services, including personal loans and financial calculators.