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Great Festive Loan Offers to Make your Diwali Memorable 


Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India. It is known as the “festival of lights.” It is celebrated all over the country. The Diwali celebration is nothing less than extravagant. As Diwali approaches, there are many offers from banks, nonbanking financial companies, and housing financing companies, such as the festive loan offers. October is undoubtedly the month of festivals. People start celebrating from the onset of the month. As people start spending, buying things, hosting parties, etc., banks look forward to the adequate capitalisation of this spending spree. Festive loan offers enable customers to increase their spending power.

Festive loan offers are given at lower interest rates and for a smaller amount, generally capped at 50,000 rupees. One can check out various financial institutions and loan apps to see which offer is best for them. Also, it’s advised not to go overboard with these plans, as debts will remain longer than the festivals.

Festival loans are a very different kind of loan. These loans are new in the market. Lenders are giving out this kind of festival loan to celebrate festivals. These types of personal loans can help one prepare for different festivities, host parties, etc. Festival loans are an excellent way to raise funds for festivals and parties.

The festive season’s offers can be divided into several categories.

  1. Discounts and cashbacks

Cashbacks and discounts are put in place to make the original price of a product more affordable. These lower the proportion of the initial cost. Customers who want to buy white home and kitchen essentials, electronic appliances, and furniture can use these offers to get the advantages offered through discounts and cash back. Many different lenders offer such deals with credit cards and debit cards. These festive loan offers are generally available throughout the year. The discount amount may fluctuate according to seasonal festivals. Customers can also get such discounts on “buy now, pay later” services.

  1. Spend-based offers

These festive loan offers are generally for customers using debit and credit cards. These offers are generally given to customers to encourage them to spend a particular amount at a specific time. The customer will get more cashback offers, gift cards, vouchers, and rewards by paying at that time. Spending that time can also give the customer complimentary access to a premium privilege and many more offers. The customer can get many more benefits with these festive loan offers.

Let’s talk about the several ways to use the festive loan offers.

Home Renovation 

The most common Diwali custom is to renovate one’s home. Everybody starts decorating their home and making it look nice. Decorating and renovating a house will need a good amount of money. Festive loan offers will provide the customer with some quick funds. These funds will help the customer renovate their home easily and quickly. If the customer wants, they can apply for an easy personal loan from a bank during the festive season. This will be very beneficial for the customer.

Painting the house

It is a very familiar thing that during Diwali, people start painting their homes. By painting the homes, they try to give the house a new and clean look. Painting walls is expensive nowadays. If the customer wants personalised paint for their house, it may cost more. This is why many customers postpone painting their homes. In this case, personal or festive loan offers can help customers by providing them with some quick cash during the festive season. A personal loan gets disbursed very quickly, within days or even a few hours.

Flying back home

It is an essential custom to be at home with family and friends during Diwali and the festive season. If someone works in the IT industry or some other profession far away from home, coming back home during festivals is nothing less than a big deal. Taking a flight back home will be the quickest option. But the flight tickets are way too costly, especially during Diwali and the festive season. The customer can apply for a personal loan for this. Festive loan offers will help the customer save money.

Gifts and presents

Gifting presents to family, friends, and loved ones is a must for Diwali or any festive season. There is a massive list of gifts that one has to give others. Some gifts may be dresses, accessories, dry fruits, sweets, etc. One might have to get the close ones better gifts than these, like jewellery and ornaments made of gold or diamonds. It is well known that these gifts are expensive. If the family is significant, then the amount spent will be higher. A personal or festive loan offer can provide the customer with instant and quick cash. This money will instantly refill the bank account. It will help with uninterrupted shopping for loved ones. One does not need to worry about the money spent on gifts during the festive season.


To wrap up this whole article, a personal loan is an easy way to carry out all the expenses of the holiday season. Diwali is a significant festival in this country. A personal loan will help the customer raise some quick funds this season. The festive loan offers are easy to avail, convenient, and quick. The EMI comes with a long tenure, so the amount of payback is smaller. For further information about personal loans, financing, and holiday loan offers, Piramal Finance will be a great help.