Get the best formal looks for women today


In today’s era, women are progressing fast, flourishing in various sectors of life. Along with a successful professional life, women are also now more attuned toward dressing up and looking sophisticated in the workplace. 

Here are some formal outfits for women that are classy yet have an Indian vibe. 

Formal Clothes For Women in India

A classic A-line khadi cotton kurta

Khadi cotton is India’s oldest and purest form of cotton. A plain cotton kurta gives the necessary formal look. However, a long knee-length kurta will work best. You can pair this with a hair braid and small jhumkaas to attain a complete look. 

Cotton half-coats

Wearing a half-coat on top of a plain khadi cotton kurta helps attain a trendy formal look. While purchasing these, stick to darker shades as they help create depth to your overall outfit. These coats work best for outdoor events. They are the perfect replacement for traditional dupattas.

Cotton pants

Instead of churidars, go for cotton pants. Cotton pants are the upcoming trend in formal clothes for women. They help define your bold personality while at the same time showing that you are traditional. 

Classic silk saree

A classic silk saree can never go wrong in a professional setting. However, for a subtle and elegant look, go for plain sarees. You can even opt for smaller prints. Pair it with a classic old bun and an elegant choker necklace. Drape the saree well and pleat it elegantly over the shoulder. You can also put on a belt to enhance the look and define your waistline for a different look. 

Salwar sets for a comfortable look

Salwar suits offer you comfort and elegance at the same time. Depending on the need, you can wear a silk suit for a more formal look or a cotton set for an everyday office look. You can pair this with a classic matching dupatta or a scarf for a more authentic look. 

Cardigans for winters

Ditch the old shawls and woollen sweaters to achieve a formal look. Instead, opt for knee-length cardigans. They give you height and a more defined look. While opting for a cardigan, choose neutral colors such as black, white, beige, brown, and gray. These colours will suit almost all the dresses you opt for. At the same time, they help maintain a neutral tone. 

Accessories for a formal outfit for women

Accessorising an outfit can help bring the overall look together. Here are a few things that you must take care of while choosing accessories:

  • For a formal outfit, accessorising should be kept to a minimum. Overuse of jewellery and large-size pieces can disturb the overall look. Instead, opt for only one type of jewellery. For example, you can either put on small jhumkas or a choker along your neck. Pairing both together will not help pull a formal outfit.
  • Avoid the usage of fancy accessories such as headbands as they are not formal. Instead, opt for small neutral-coloured rubber bands and pins to secure your hair. 
  • For footwear, you can opt for jootis in neutral tones and with minimal work.
  • Instead of bangles and kadas, opt for sleek and elegant watches to get a more structured look.

Things to avoid in a formal look

Here are a few things that you must avoid in a formal look:

Avoid going for body-fitting or bodycon outfits. While at work, it is essential to be comfortable and confident in what you wear. Here are some other pointers:  

  • Avoid going for flowy outfits, such as anarkalis and palazzos. Formal outfits are all about being presentable and having a structured outfit. Flowy dresses disturb the overall balance. 
  • Larger prints can be avoided. When going for a formal look, a structured appearance is a must. This can be achieved by going for smaller prints or plain outfits. A mix and match of these will also help add a little colour to your outfit. 
  • Always remember that formal outfits are classic. Please do not rush to try on new trends and designs as soon as they come into the market. First, understand whether it matches your personality and formal look
  • Avoid heavy makeup. With formal attire, subtle and light makeup goes best. This way, your outfit can grab the maximum attention.


Achieving a formal look is not a defined science. Rather, it can be an easy everyday activity that perfectly fits into your routine. You need to understand the basics of dressing formally. Follow these tips and tricks to get the perfect formal look for yourself. Visit Piramal Finance for related blogs. If you need some help financing a whole different wardrobe, visit the website to find personal loans and other financing options best suited for you.