Formal Wear for Women – What’s Trending?


Indian fashion has been stuck with its culture and rituals for decades. But in recent times, Indian fashion has come into the mainstream. Fashion houses have started adapting to the vastness of Indian culture with great zeal.

The changing role of women in society has also added to the modernisation of Indian fashion, with women now holding powerful positions. 

Women’s formal looks have always been confined to monotonous sober colours and vague stripes. However, the changing times have brought a new wave of transition. Women’s formal wear has expanded its horizons and covers many outfits, from dresses and gowns to formal tops and palazzos. 

Is it necessary to differentiate formal wear from routine wear?      

What we wear indeed represents our personality. The way we carry ourselves in a workspace represents our business etiquette. The first impression is the last impression, and doing it right is essential to ace your work game. 

We understand that selecting the right look for the office can be tiresome. A lot of thinking goes into deciding what to wear to the office. Formal wear must be differentiated from what you may wear to a friend’s party.

There have always been incomplete discussions regarding what the most appropriate formal dress code is for women. However, there is no doubt that formal attire for women demands modesty and elegance. 

From classic business suits to traditional sarees, ladies’ formal office wear is always under scrutiny. Therefore, formal wear must be separated from routine wear to give women a brighter and better look at workspaces.

Outfits to wear for your next day at the office

Indian formal wear is vast and consists of both traditional attire and western outfits. There has also been some inclination towards indo-western wear recently, a combination of Indian and western wear. 

Let us have a look at the 7 most affordable and convenient formal outfits for women:

  1. Sarees– Often termed as the most graceful and modest attire for formal meetings, sarees are here to rule. It is the most widely accepted professional and formal outfit. There is a wide variety of sarees available in the market, with each region of India adding its authenticity to the outfit. Fabrics like cotton silk, chanderi and Kota silk are preferred for daily office wear. It is advisable to wear sober and sleek blouses with not-so-bright colours.
  2. Salwar Suit– It is the most popular apparel among Indian women due to its comfort. Not well suited for boardroom meetings but is a great option for daily office wear. Salwar suits provide liberty to women as they can be mixed and matched with different options. Knee-length tops may provide a more formal look. Go for simple and straight kurtis with matching salwars whenever in doubt.
  3. Dresses– Popular among women abroad, dresses have also become a crucial part of Indian formal wear. Dresses of knee-length or below the knee are apt for formal business meetings. Darker shades like black, maroon or dark blue can be selected to achieve an extra formal look.
  4. Shirts– Shirts can never go out of fashion and are easy to choose from. They can be paired with trousers or pants. Shirts come in varying lengths, like full sleeves and mid-length. Subtle colours go well with corporate events. When worn with good-fitting trousers, a shirt is an iconic look to sport in boardroom meetings.
  5. Formal Blouses– Men usually have fewer options to explore, unlike women, who can choose from a wide range of formal tops and blouses. Formal blouses provide a modest and chic look appropriate for client meetings or even daily wear. Such blouses create a more feminine silhouette with their elegance. They can be paired with formal pants or trousers. Tops with minimal and sober prints can be worn to offices.
  6. Skirts– Skirts stand for elegance and class. They can be easily worn with either formal tops or shirts. It is advisable to wear knee-length or below-the-knee skirts at corporate events. Solid colours like maroon, black, or blue provide an upper edge to ladies. Women can also opt for skirts with minimal prints to stand out and look stylish.
  7. Blazers–  Formerly worn only by men, blazers are now a go-to option for working females too. Blazers provide an edgy yet corporate look. They can be worn over a formal top or shirt paired with trousers to give a full formal look or with skirts for outdoor corporate events.


We have arrived at the fact that ladies’ formal office wear is vast, and choosing the right outfit can be tiresome, but we have provided you with all the essentials to enhance a woman’s formal wardrobe. There is no doubt that women have to perform multiple roles and thus prefer cross-functionality in their clothes. Classic formal wear has always been popular with women, but with changing times, they also prefer to experiment and wear something fresh. With globalisation, the demand for stylish formal wear has risen, and with international brands in place, their needs have been fully met.

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