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Cash flow stability is essential for any business loan looking to meet operational costs and grow. It’s smart to count on regular revenue to keep operations afloat, but it takes a large investment to increase workforce size, upgrade equipment, or create a new facility. Here’s where getting a loan against property might help you out. It could provide the financial breathing room you need to make your company’s dreams a reality. The greatest time to do it is around Diwali, of course. No other approach is preferable.

What Is a Loan Against Property?

Real estate may be used as collateral for a loan in a transaction known as a “loan against property” (LAP). Now, out of all the possible forms of financial help, why is a loan secured by property a viable option?

More money may be put away in savings when interest rates are higher.

Since loans secured by property have a reduced risk for financial institutions, the interest rates offered on these loans are often lower than those offered on unsecured loans. The impact on your EMIs and your ability to save is large.

Appropriating a Large Loan Amount for Large Expenditures

You’ll have to invest in new machinery and personnel training to grow your company. Since you are putting up a permanent asset as collateral for the LAP, financial institutions will be more willing to lend you a larger sum. Loans from Piramal Housing may cover up to 65% of the home’s worth. Take out a loan like this, and you won’t have any money problems. Making the right decisions should be pretty easy.

Focus on growth and be amenable to change in commercial dealings.

A LAP’s repayment period is far longer than a standard loan. The longest repayment period for a Piramal Finance LAP is 20 years. A longer repayment period results in fewer monthly payments. This can let you create a new setup and keep it running well without worrying about large monthly expenses or earning a profit immediately.

The Application Process and Sanction are Straightforward to Get You Started

Getting the capital you need to fund your business’s development may be accomplished via a loan secured by real estate. Little red tape is involved in the application process, and funding is provided when all the documentation is finalized. This can be a great option if you need to get your business up and running and have many holiday-related tasks.

Required Paperwork

To apply for a loan against property, you will need to show evidence of the following:

  • Your identity and age (such as a driver’s license or passport) and proof of where you live (Passport, driving license, telephone bill, etc.)
  • Also, the profile needs a certificate attesting to the firm’s legal existence.
  • Personal and company tax returns for the last three years.
  • Please pay the processing fee to “Piramal Finance.”
  • Property title papers, authorized building plans, etc., photocopies,

Business loan benefits during the Diwali season

During the Christmas season, a business loan might be a wonderful gift for the boss of a medium-sized firm. For illustration, consider the following:

  • A business loan will help you make the most money possible during Diwali. A financial cushion is created, allowing the company to expand without a hitch.
  • It allows small and medium business owners to expand their operations. They can purchase new machinery and equipment for the holiday shopping season.
  • Unsecured business loans are those that need no collateral. Thanks to these alternatives, you won’t have to worry about losing an expensive possession to get a loan.
  • These loans help meet short-term business loan goals throughout Christmas because of their quick approval and versatile repayment options.
  • With an MSME business loan, you may get the money you need with a few simple steps. So, even when demand is high and days are chaotic, business owners may apply for a business loan at Piramal Finance and get the money immediately.

Solving the problem of low festival sales

Applying for a standard business loan is the most sensible way to fund company development. Here are some tips for increasing your company’s performance with a small or medium-sized loan during the Diwali season.

  • Architecture and Strategy: Those planning to grow their businesses around Diwali should know the season’s duration and dates. Because of this, they can organize their efforts and be ready.
  • Provide Sales Promotions and Discounts: Holiday sales and discounts are the biggest attractions for shoppers throughout Diwali. Thus, offering sales and discounts during the holidays attracts more customers.
  • Pay attention to advertising: A marketing campaign around Diwali may raise brand awareness and bring in new clients. Get your campaign running before the Christmas shopping season starts with a dedicated marketing budget. Please find your ideal customers and advertise to them online to see a big rise in sales. Use unsecured business loans to underwrite the promotion and bring in record revenue.
  • Improve Your Presentation: Nowadays, customers form first impressions of businesses based on how well they are presented. Remember that your presentation reflects the company’s values and culture. There is a correlation between a company’s visual attractiveness and the number of clients it attracts. Thus, decorating the business is recommended throughout winter to make customers feel more at ease.

Considerations for a Business Loan Application around Diwali

This Diwali, company owners who want to qualify for a loan should consider the following.

  • Think about your situation and why you feel a loan is necessary. It might change based on the company’s long-term vision and strategy. The budget and loan amount is set and determined in light of the company’s long-term goals.
  • The MSME business loan‘s efficiency and repayment ability are crucial factors in whether a loan is granted. Rapid approval is possible if the company’s owner keeps their credit and CMR scores high.
  • Most business loan owners make the mistake of applying for a business loan before having all the necessary documents. When loan applications are turned down because of inadequate documentation, time is wasted, and credit is ruined. Borrowers should check our data requirements and then apply.


LAPs provide more money for a longer period at a cheaper interest rate since they are backed by collateral. This makes them the most effective method of funding business expansion. Piramal Finance’s pliable LAP eligibility restrictions, straightforward application process, and quick funding disbursement will keep your expansion on track. So, light the candle to future success when applying for a business loan against property this Diwali. Get in touch with Piramal Finance for more information.