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Everything you need to know about the importance of travel insurance


Who doesn’t like travelling? Yes, everyone! Earlier, when you are young, you would have gone on trips at least once a year. Everyone would be so eagerly waiting for the vacation. All the excitement would not just end after the vacation. You would come back from the trip, eager to share your travel experiences with your friends. As soon as you reached home, you would have probably made plans for next year’s destination too! How do I know, because I too my dear friend have been bitten by the travel bug!

Have you ever wondered why you needed to take a trip? Why do your working parents get leave sanctions and are given LTC (Leave Travel Concession)? Life my friend becomes monotonous if you don’t embrace change. Travelling is also a therapy which helps you rejuvenate and stay focussed on your goals.

As you grew up, you started going on excursions organised by your school. Then you ventured out with your friends. Now probably you have taken up your parent’s role and travelling with your family!

 Mainly after Covid-19, the urge to travel has increased. Social distancing and home isolation have driven you to a frenzy. No wonder the rush at railway stations and airports has increased. The only positive outcome I see as the aftermath, you can now work from home.  You can easily turn your vacation into a workstation and enjoy it while working! 

However, some safety rules are also very important to be kept in mind. Travel responsibly. While you get ready for travelling, be sure to buy travel insurance online.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is the coverage given due to any mishaps that you face while travelling. It can be either a domestic trip or an international one.

Basic policies protect in case emergency medical expenses are incurred while abroad.

In Comprehensive policies, insurance is provided for trip cancellation, flight delay, lost luggage and many more.

Importance of Travel Insurance

You might think that why should you pay an extra amount of money to buy travel insurance online? Well my dear friend, don’t let your overconfidence turn into adversity. I’m not a pessimist but that doesn’t stop me from preparing for the unforeseen.

When you are travelling, you generally go to an unknown place. You are not familiar with anyone? Suppose you or your family members get sick or your flight gets delayed or your luggage gets lost. What will you do then?

Don’t worry; convincing you of a happy and safe journey is my responsibility.

  • Travel-related distress

If your flight gets cancelled or delayed you are stranded at the airport. Your policy benefits ensure that you will be provided with an alternative flight as well as food and hotel costs.

  • Trip Cancellation

In case your family members become ill or there is a natural disaster, your travel plans go awry. Any financial losses will be payable.

  • Baggage Coverage

While you are travelling, there are two things that might happen to your baggage

Either your bags can get delayed or they can get lost. In case you arrive at your destination and your baggage gets detained elsewhere, you will be paid for the cost of necessary items, while you wait for your bag. In case your bag gets misplaced or stolen, the cost of personal items like clothing, toiletries and medicines will be given to you.

  • Loss of Passport

Suppose by mistake you end up losing your passport. Your insurance company will reimburse the expense required to obtain a fresh or duplicate passport.

  • Medical Emergency

Have you ever fallen ill while on vacation? I hope not. If you fall sick or meet with an accident, the insurance company will reimburse the medical bills and hospitalization to some extent. Even dental treatment is covered by some companies.

  • Hotel Extension

In case of any crisis, you have no choice but to extend your stay. In that circumstance, the insurance company will pay for the extra charges at the hotel.

  • Personal Liability

In case accidental damage is inflicted on another person or property, your insurance company will handle the expenses.

  • Assistance

Your insurance company will provide 24X7 assistance. In case of any problem, please feel free to connect me for any guidance.

  • Mandatory requirement

There are certain countries, which require you to have travel insurance before permitting you a visa or visa-free passage. There are around 34 countries in which visitors should have travel insurance by compulsion. Cuba, Schengen countries, Qatar, UAE, Russia, Turkey, Egypt and Antarctica are some of them.

  • Covid-19 coverage

Especially for Covid- 19, there is particular travel insurance that also covers all these benefits.

Do you know that vloggers are paid to travel to different places? Not only do they get a chance to explore a new place, but they can also make a living! Depending on your fan following on social media, you can earn a decent amount of money.

Once you have established yourself, certain resorts invite you to stay and review the place. You can stay there as much as you want free of cost! Sometimes, even the resorts pay you a stipend in the hope that you promote the destination in a better way. 

What are you waiting for? Pick up your mobile, bag and passport (in case you want to go abroad) and you are good to go.

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What are you waiting for? Finance your trip and don’t forget to opt for travel insurance online. Go, travel the world and live your dreams!