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Essential Things to Consider Before Taking a Personal Loan


A personal loan is one of the best financial aids for most issues. Personal loans are the easier fix to resolve any business or personal expenses. But before applying, you need to learn about the essentials of a personal loan.

Consider your credit score and interest rates before taking a personal loan. Many people rush into getting a loan and end up inviting more financial trouble. But most problems usually occur due to a lack of financial planning. Ensure you consider all the vital factors before taking a personal loan.

This blog will discuss all the essential points to consider before taking a personal loan. Let’s dive into the details!

Vital Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking a Personal Loan

Personal loans are a quick solution to any financial emergency. But you must have accurate answers to these questions before making any decisions.

  1. What is The Reason Behind Taking a Personal Loan?

There are several reasons to take a personal loan. You can select the best possible option as per your reason. For example, suppose you have a medical emergency. In that case, the loan’s repayment tenure might differ compared to that of a planned expense.

It is vital to think before taking a personal loan. Determining the reason will ensure you do not add up your debts and repayments. It will also help you save more money for future savings and expenses.

  1. Are You Eligible to Qualify For a Personal Loan?

Personal loans are one of the most accessible loans to avail. But not everyone can avail of a personal loan. Personal loans have procedures, documents, and paperwork that needs to be verified. So before applying, you must check the essential criteria. 

Once you know the eligibility criteria, you can check if you qualify for the personal loan. This involves planning your finances to create a worthy profile for a personal loan.

  1. Can You Afford The Interest Rate?

A crucial question to ask yourself is whether you can afford the interest rate of a personal loan. There are several banks and lenders in the market.

Doing enough research will get you the best possible interest rate. It is always better to stick to a budget. Sticking to a fixed budget for the interest rate on a personal loan is vital. Besides, finding a lower interest rate will save a lot of money that can be used better.

Key Factors While Taking a Personal Loan

Here are some vital aspects to consider while applying for a personal loan. These points are essential to improve your eligibility for a personal loan.

  1. Maintain Your Credit Score

A good credit score is crucial for the approval of any loan. Every lender checks your credit score when you apply for a personal loan. They do this to determine your credibility and whether you are worth lending to. 

The average CIBIL score ranges anywhere from 300-900. To ensure your loan application stands out, you must maintain a credit score of at least 850 or above.

A good credit score has other perks as well. For example, availing of lower interest rates than the standard market price. It also gives you the benefit of negotiating fees and other charges for the personal loan. To maintain an excellent credit score, you must check your finances. Ensure to make repayments of any debts on time.

  1. Check Prepayment Flexibility

Choosing a lender that provides prepayment flexibility can be quite beneficial. Prepayment of any loan is when you pay the entire loan amount before your loan tenure ends. It helps avoid extra interest charges.

But only some banks or lenders provide prepayment flexibility to borrowers. So, finding a lender that allows you to repay the personal loan before the tenure ends is vital.

Sometimes lenders have extra costs for the prepayment of a personal loan. Having terms like these on your loan will only result in unnecessary expenses. Try finding a lender with no such terms that still let you pay off your loan in advance. 

Saving extra money allows you to keep the surplus to secure your finances. Some lenders even offer zero costs on the prepayment of a personal loan. Try to make the right decision to save as much as possible.

  1. Determine All Extra Charges

A personal loan’s interest rates and prepayment flexibility are important factors. But you must also check other charges. This includes the expenses like paperwork expenses, administration charges, verification fees, GST, penalties for foreclosure, prepayment and defaults on personal loan EMI payments.

Comparing the extra charges of lenders in the market will ensure you choose the best option. Every lender has a diverse price range for the extra costs of a loan. You can save money by paying only the necessary amount in extra fees. 

Always compare costs to find the best deals. Depending on the credibility of the lender, these charges can change. Hence, a personal loan from a reputable financial firm is advised.

  1. Consider Your Repayment Capacity 

The wise thing to do when borrowing a personal loan is to prepare beforehand. Personal loans do not require any collateral or security in most cases. But you need to ensure that your earnings are enough to repay the entire loan without compromising your assets. 

The reason why people opt for a personal loan is they get repayment flexibility. You can use the personal loan calculator to evaluate your monthly EMI. Calculating the EMI will give you an estimated amount you need to pay with interest for the loan. 

Besides, you need to take a look at other financial activities as well. Check all your exit sign repayment and debts to eliminate any financial stress. Adding up your repayment will only create more financial pressure. 

Checking all the aspects before taking a personal loan is vital. Otherwise, you might just end up creating financial confusion. This can make the personal loan a hassle rather than a solution. 


A personal loan can benefit you in desperate times. But it is best to be well informed when it comes to a personal loan. You might end up inviting more trouble. Conduct proper research and consider different borrowing options to solve your financial crisis.

Besides, a personal loan requires proper financial planning. Be cautious and take your time. Despite urgent expenses, making a wise and informed decision is vital. Considering all the factors before applying for a personal loan benefits you.

This article helped you learn about the basics of a personal loan. For more valuable insights on personal finance, head to the Piramal Finance website today!