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EMI Calculator: Calculate EMI Online for a Home, Business, or Personal Loan


Is one thinking about taking out a loan? Use the EMI calculator to determine the monthly payment. Simply enter the loan amount, time, and rates, and the tool will calculate the loan’s Equated Monthly instalment (EMI). 

There are many EMI calculators, like personal loan calculators, home loan calculators, and business loan calculators. They assess the EMI of many types of loans. Read on to learn more about the EMI calculator.

What is EMI?

Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) is paid to the bank or other firm each month until the debt is fully paid off. It includes loan rates and a portion of the principal amount to be returned. 

The sum of the principal and interest is divided by the loan’s term, or the number of months it must be repaid. This sum must be paid each month. 

The interest part of the EMI will be higher at the beginning and decrease with each payment. The rate assesses the precise part allocated to the principal payment. 

While the monthly EMI payment will remain constant, the principal and interest will alter over time. One will pay more of the principal and less towards the interest with each payment.

What is an EMI Calculator?

One may use the EMI calculator to figure out their monthly loan payments. They have to input loan factors such as the principal amount, term, and rate, and the EMI is calculated with ease. One can calculate the EMI of many types of loans.

For instance, to calculate the EMI of a business loan, a business loan calculator is simple to use. One can learn their EMI in seconds. Many business loan calculators are free and can be used 24/7. One may calculate or compare the EMIs of multiple loans as often as one wants.

Types of EMI Calculators

  • Home Loan Calculator

The home loan calculator is designed to compute the EMIs one must pay on a home loan. While purchasing a house is a vital choice, obtaining a home loan requires vast planning and study, given the loan’s extended life span and large principal amount. 

Home loan calculators are easy to use and allow users to calculate home loan EMIs easily. Home loans are approved based on the cost of the home and the person’s ability to repay. They are long-term loans that may be repaid for up to 30 years. One may calculate the home loan EMI with a home loan calculator by entering the loan amount, time, and rate based on their needs.

  • EMI Calculator for Car Loan  

A vehicle loan EMI calculator calculates the EMIs based on the loan sum, term, and rate. Lenders provide many plans for purchasing new and used cars. Purchasing the ideal car needs a lot of money, which may be fulfilled with a car loan. 

Keep in mind that the auto loan amount obtained must be returned with interest within 5 years. The lender may take the car and auction it to recoup the outstanding sum if one cannot repay the amount owing. As a result, it is always good to use a car loan EMI calculator to know what EMI amount one is comfortable paying back without putting themselves in panic mode. 

  • Personal Loan Calculator 

Personal loans are “all-purpose loans.” This means one may use them for anything, such as supporting trips or medical costs. As they are unsecured, the rate is high and the payback time is shorter. 

A personal loan calculator is a tool for assessing the payback capacity and knowing what loan amount one can afford. The personal loan calculator uses exact details like the loan amount, loan time, and rate to calculate the EMI.

How Do EMI Calculators Function?

The EMI calculator is a helpful tool that computes the monthly amount owed to the lender using the method below.

[P x R x (1+R)N] /[(1+R)N-1] = EMI

P, R, and N are variables, implying that the EMI value would vary if any of those three were changed.

Let’s go through these three factors in depth.

  • The letter ‘P’ stands for ‘Principal Amount.’ This is the initial amount borrowed from the bank or lender. The loan balance will be determined by the needs and the intent of the loan. The bigger the loan sum, the more EMI one would have to pay. 
  • ‘R’ stands for ‘Rate.’ This is the rate imposed on the main loan amount. The rate will vary depending on the loan and the lender one borrows from. As the rate impacts the EMI amount, comparing rates before applying is vital. 
  • ‘N’ denotes the number of years in which the loan was obtained. This is referred to as tenure. A loan’s term refers to the time allotted for repaying the loan. Since the payments are made monthly, the tenure is measured in months rather than years. So, a two-year term is the same as 24 months, etc. 

What is the Use of an EMI Calculator?

With an EMI calculator, one can know the following:

  • The amount of the EMI
  • The total amount of interest owed on the loan
  • The whole amount owed, i.e.., the total cost of the loan 

One may alter the loan term or balance to get an EMI that one can afford. 

How to Use an Online EMI Calculator

  • Step 1: Go to any reliable website. 
  • Step 2: Click on the “Calculator” tab to access the EMI calculator page. 
  • Step 3: Decide the type of loan needed, such as a house loan, a personal loan, a vehicle loan, and so on. 
  • Step 4: The individual must now provide the necessary information. This includes the loan amount, principle, rate, and loan time. 
  • Step 5: After entering the information, the EMI calculator will show the payable EMI amount. 
  • Step 6: The person may try other combinations to find the best fit EMI amount. 


Loans are now a vital part of many people’s lives. They assist in reaching vital life goals like purchasing a vehicle or a house or funding children’s studies.

The most important term to keep in mind when it comes to loans is EMI. There are many EMI calculators that users can use. This includes personal loan calculators, home loan calculators, and business loan calculators. They may be used to calculate the EMI of various types of loans.

When one enters the needed data into an EMI calculator, it makes calculations based on the EMI calculation formula. The EMI that must be paid monthly is then displayed in seconds.

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