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Difference Between Equifax Credit Score & Crif Score


If you want to apply for a loan or a credit card, you must know about your credit scores. Banks and other lending firms use credit bureau records to check a person’s past credit behavior. Every time a bank gives a loan, it assumes some risk since there is a chance the borrower will not be able to pay it back. A credit score report can help reduce this risk. This is why having a good credit score is crucial.

Indian banking firms give data about a person’s credit-related past to Equifax credit score and Crif score. They then compile this data into a report format for lenders to read and better understand the credit history of a person. Both bodies carry out tasks that are quite similar. But there are some differences in how the two bodies give credit reports and handle dispute resolution services.

What is an Equifax Credit Score?

Equifax India is a joint venture between Equifax Global Inc. and 7 of the top banking firms in the nation. It is named Equifax Credit Information Services Private Limited (ECIS). The Credit Information Companies Act of 2005 and the Reserve Bank of India both give the business a license. Equifax also opened a microfinance office in India in 2011.

What is a Crif Score?

High Mark is a credit information business that was founded in 2007 and is the most popular and widely used report in India and Europe. High Mark’s name was changed to CRIF High Mark after a huge investment was made in this firm in the year 2014. CRIF High Mark gives free credit data reports and microfinance credit reports for households.

Difference Between Equifax Credit Score And Crif Score

DifferenceEquifax Credit ScoreCrif Score
License grantedA licence was issued in 20102006 established; 2010, licence issued
Range of credit score300-900300-900
Cost of reportOne credit report with a credit score costs Rs. 472; a credit report costs Rs. 118.One credit report with a credit score costs Rs. 399.
Time taken to receive a credit reportIf you ask for a complete credit report using the Equifax mobile app, you will get it via email one day later. In the case of an offline application, the credit report is sent via mail or post. It takes 7 to 10 days.Once you have validated your identity online, you may get your CRIF High Mark credit report online and get it quickly at your registered email ID.
Products and servicesFor clients:Report on credit dataEquifax issues an alertReview of Equifax’s portfolioEquifax risk rating For businesses:Management of credit risk and fraud, diagnostics for the industry, etc.For clients:Report on High Mark credit dataReport on credit for microfinance For businesses:Services for Commercial Score Identification and Anti-FraudAnalytics and Scorecards for Prediction Other remedies:Business decision-making and rulesCollections and Loan Origination for ManagementPlatform with an external data connector for duplicating
Duration of the report7 years1 year
The number of partnerships between banks and NBFCsAlmost 2,900 financial companiesMore than 1,000 cooperative banks and insurance firms.
Dispute resolutionYou can find the Dispute Resolution Form on the Equifax website. Send the completed form along with the other documents to the bureau’s address via mail or rapid post.Send an email with your complaint to from your registered email ID along with your Report ID (Reference Number).

Reports of Equifax Credit score and CRIF Score

You can get a copy of your Equifax credit score report by following the steps listed below:

  1. Complete the KYC form.
  2. Self-verify the address and ID proof.
  3. You should give your voter ID, passport, PAN card, driver’s license, or Aadhar card as ID proof.
  4. You can also give a phone bill, power bill, gas utility bill, credit card statement, ration card, or rent agreement as your address proof.
  5. You will receive the credit score and the credit report via post.

You can get your CRIF score report by following the steps listed below:

  1. Visit the CRIF website at
  2. Select ‘Get Your Score Now’ from the menu.
  3. Your email address will be asked for in a pop-up window. To continue, enter your email address here.
  4. You will have to answer a few questions in the next box that will help CRIF High Mark find you in the whole database. You will also be asked for more data like your name, birthdate, mobile number, address, and PAN or Aadhaar number.
  5. You can get your CRIF credit report if you respond to the security credit question.

The Bottom Line

The reports from any of the bureaus discussed in this article are precise and accurate, as each credit bureau has its own methods for computing your credit score. Due to the distinct methods of computing credit scores, a person’s credit score can be different for both agencies. This does not make one agency better than the other. Also, without making a distinction between them, the banks and NBFCs give your credit data to all of these credit bodies. Therefore, the results derived by both of these agencies are reliable and can be used to determine your credit score.

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