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Current Interest Rates For Home Loans in 2022


Everyone dreams of buying a house and making it a home filled with happy memories or using it as a good investment to make a profit based on the increasing real estate prices. Buying a home in India can prove to be expensive, as the real estate rates are rising with every passing day. For an individual who is thinking of starting a family, one of the most pressing issues is having a home where they can live peacefully without having to pay rent every month. One of the ways to buy a home is to use your hard-earned life savings, but that can leave you with an inadequate amount for other future expenses such as education, marriage, etc. This is where a home loan comes in, which requires you to understand everything about the current interest rates for home loans. 

What are the current home loan rates? 

A home loan is a loan product offered by financial institutions such as banks and NBFCs to individuals looking to raise external funds to buy a home. The home loan requires the borrower to make a small down payment, and the lender provides the remaining amount as a loan to the borrower. The borrower can only use the home loan amount to buy the home, with the purchased home working as collateral until the borrower repays the loan amount. However, similar to other types of loan products, lenders charge current home loan rates, called home loan interest rates, on the provided principal amount. Borrowers who take out a home loan are legally obligated to repay the principal amount as well as the current interest rates for home loans to the lender within the loan tenure.
Current home interest rates or current interest rates for a home loan are interest rates charged by lenders based on prevailing market conditions and other loan factors. These current interest rates for home loans fluctuate regularly as the real estate sector changes its trends based on market conditions. However, numerous other factors affect the borrower’s current home interest rates

Factors Affecting the Current Interest Rate for Home Loans

You may have witnessed that the prices of homes in India have increased significantly in the past decades, pushing individuals to seek a higher home loan amount. The same is the case with lenders, who have created home loan products that come with the facility of offering a higher loan amount to individuals. However, market factors that are influencing the prices of homes are also contributing to the current interest rate for home loans. Here are some market and loan factors that affect the current home interest rates: 

  • Home Prices: The prices of real estate in India are always rising, forcing individuals to seek a higher home loan amount than in previous years. Since the applicant applies for a higher loan amount, it creates a risk for the lenders, as they may incur losses in cases of default. Hence, lenders charge higher interest rates, increasing the overall current home interest rates. 
  • Demand: Home loans have become one of the most widely used loan products for individuals who are looking to buy a home in the current market ecosystem. Since the prices are high, more individuals are applying for home loans from quality NBFCs and banks. The increased demand for home loans pushes the current home loan rates higher. The higher the demand for home loans, the higher the current interest rates for home loans in India. 
  • Location and Value: The price of real estate in India changes based on the value and the location. For example, a house in a metropolis will have a higher value than a house in a rural or undeveloped city or area. Hence, the current home loan interest rates are higher where the value of houses is higher, while the current home loan rates are lower in areas where real estate prices are lower. 

Current Interest Rates for Home Loans

Current home interest rates are one of the most important loan factors when you apply for a home loan. It is because you have a legal obligation to repay the principal amount plus interest to the lender through monthly EMIs. Hence, it becomes vital that you compare lenders based on their current home loan rates to ensure that you are getting the best current home loan interest rates that are affordable and do not create a financial burden at the time of loan repayment, avoiding the chance of default. 

When it comes to the current interest rates for home loans in India, every lender charges different current home interest rates based on the eligibility criteria of the borrower and other loan factors, such as the applied home loan amount and the loan tenure. Usually, the current home loan rates range between 6.50% and 13%, depending on which lender you choose. Some lenders also base their current home interest rates on the prevailing repo rate set by the RBI.


Home loans are one of the ideal loan products to allow individuals to raise immediate and adequate capital for fulfilling their dreams of buying a house. You can visit the websites of various lenders to analyse their current home loan rates and other home loan terms, compare various home loan products, and choose an ideal one. Since the current interest rates for home loans are the biggest factor in loan repayment, your lender’s current home interest rate must be the lowest or the most affordable, depending on the other loan terms. For a comprehensive and affordable home loan, you can visit Piramal Finance.