Complete Guide to Check Account Balance Online

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Due to technological progress, banking and other financial transactions are a breeze in today’s society. In response to customer demands, banks have introduced many methods to see available funds in an account. Plus, the advent of mobile and online banking has eliminated the need to visit a bank to check your bank balance physically.

In this article, we’ll show you how to check your bank balance online using various options.

7 Easy Steps to Check Your Account Balance Online

Net Banking

You can check your current balance using your bank’s internet banking service. You can use this service to get your bank account details online on your bank’s online banking webpage.

There will be links labelled “register” or “first-time user” that you must utilize if this is your first visit. Then, choose the login option to enter your banking account. Now, you can check your bank account balance online whenever you want with the internet and the banking service. You can use its many transactions and banking features, too.

Mobile Apps and Text Messages

The convenience of smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets has made it possible to check up on finances from almost anywhere. You can check your bank account balance whenever and whenever you want with the help of most banks’ mobile applications or mobile-friendly websites. Plus, the capabilities of most apps exceed those of traditional desktop computer software.

For instance, mobile cheque deposits are becoming more commonplace. They protect customers from useless trips to the bank to know their account balance.

When dealing with money, texting your bank is the quickest option. If your financial institution supports this feature, you can check your balance without logging in.

Use an ATM cum Debit Card

An ATM is another option for checking your account balance. Just enter your ATM/debit card and obey the on-screen prompts to check your account balance. It is advisable to utilize an ATM provided by your bank or one of the networks used by your bank. Other ATMs often cost money irrespective of whether or not you take out cash. For example, your bank can assess you with extra costs if you use an ATM in a foreign country. Hence, checking your balance at an ATM in another country can cost you money.

The following are the steps for checking your ATM balance:

  1. Insert your card into the ATM.
  2. Type your 4-digit ATM PIN.
  3. Choose the “Balance Inquiry” tab.
  4. And that’s it.

Currently, RBI only allows a certain amount of free withdrawals per ATM card. Therefore, an inquiry about one’s balance qualifies as a transaction. And, if you go over your monthly limit on free withdrawals, you’ll be charged a fee for all further withdrawals you make that month.

As a result, ATM cards should be used only for such purposes. Hence, you must check your account balance online or use the mobile option.

Call the Bank

You can also check your balance by calling your bank if you prefer that method. You can only reach a human customer service representative during specified hours. Hence, most banks now have computerized systems that give account information around the clock. However, learning to utilize such systems might need some work. However, it will become usual as soon as you get things rolling.

Set Up Alerts

Your bank can notify you of changes in your account balances. Which, in turn, will save you the trouble of constantly monitoring your account. In addition, you will add a new layer of protection to your account.

Need an alert when your balance drops below a certain threshold or when there is a major withdrawal? If that is the case, you can have your bank deliver you an SMS. Alternatively, you can have them send an email notification. Usually, you can choose the frequency with which you get certain messages and the specific monetary amounts that interest you. Until you hear otherwise from your bank after setting up notifications, you can relax knowing everything is in order.

Note – Even with notifications, it’s still a good idea to check in on your account regularly. To benefit from the full security of the law, you must report any inaccuracies or cyber fraud immediately.

Send an SMS

Sending an SMS to inquire about your balance is among the easiest methods. A smartphone is not required, nor is registration on a specific website. Customers of most banks have access to this feature. After the bank provides this service, you can check your balance whenever you choose. Information about the account balance is sent through a text message. It’s advisable to activate the system-wide alert notifications. You will be alerted immediately anytime there is a transfer of funds associated with your account. In addition, you will get your current account balance. The term “message alert service” refers to this feature offered by several institutions. Your phone will get push alerts from this.

Use Mobile Banking

Mobile phones and tablets enable monitoring financial accounts anytime, anywhere. Today’s banking options include mobile-optimized websites, apps, and more for checking your account balance online in a much easier, more flexible manner. In addition, you can use your mobile banking app for a variety of banking services. Depositing cheques using a mobile device at certain banks is also possible. Plus, you can do more banking tasks using a mobile app than a desktop version.

Phone banking, on the other hand, is distinct from mobile banking. It’s essentially a mobile bank that also provides other convenient services. Although smartphone access is preferred, it is not required.


Many significant shifts have occurred in the banking industry in recent years. This industry has adjusted to the fast-paced market thanks to the internet. How to check your bank balance online is a crucial part of banking. And we’ve covered it in detail above.

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