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Complete Guide on How to Earn and Redeem RBL Reward Points


RBL is one of the leading credit card issuers in India. RBL issues several co-branded and non-co-branded credit cards for its customers. But what makes the credit cards issued by this bank so popular? The answer is RBL reward points that are awarded on various transactions. Be it a welcome bonus, spending bonus, or regular purchases, you can earn handsome reward points with your RBL credit card.

RBL allows credit card users to redeem these reward points for excellent RBL rewards. The bank has an extensive catalog of offers under its rewards program. RBL credit card holders can redeem their accumulated points against the offers in the catalog. Some options available include airline tickets, hotel stays, electronics, gift vouchers, dining offers, and several others. Read on to learn more about earning and redeeming RBL reward points.

RBL Reward Points: Important Facts

All RBL customers are directly enrolled in the RBL reward program that comes with the credit card. Credit card holders need to activate the rewards program to earn RBL reward points. You can complete the process in a few simple steps through the RBL website or mobile app.

One key fact you must note is that most reward points have validity, and you can redeem them within the given period. Most reward points have a validity of two years only. Please update your mobile number with the bank to ensure hassle-free redemption of reward points.

There is no upper limit on the number of reward points that any RBL credit card holder can generate. The points are added based on the specified rewards program by the bank. You can check details related to reward points in the monthly statement.

Steps to Redeem RBL Reward Points

Every time you use your RBL credit card, you earn reward points. The RBL reward points are added to your account based on the applicable program. Some of the most popular RBL credit cards with applicable points are listed here: –

Credit CardReward Points
RBL Bank Insignia Preferred Banking World Credit Card5 reward points for every spend of Rs. 100.
RBL MoneyTap Black Credit Card2 reward points for every spend of Rs. 100 spent on travel, dining, and groceries.10 reward points for every spend of Rs. 100 for online transactions.
RBL Bank Platinum Maxima Credit Card5 reward points for every spend of Rs. 100.8,000 reward points on using the card within two months of issuance.10,000 reward points on annual spending of Rs. 2 lakhs or above.
RBL Bank Icon Credit Card2 reward points for every spend of Rs. 100.20 reward points for every spend of Rs. 100 on dining during the weekends.20 reward points for every spend of Rs. 100 on international transactions.
RBL Shoprite Credit Card1 reward point for every spends of Rs. 100.20 reward points for every spend of Rs. 100 on grocery shopping.
RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card2 reward points for every spend of Rs. 100.On weekends, 4 reward points for every spend of Rs. 100.
RBL Bank Monthly Treats Credit CardWaiver of Rs. 50 on a monthly fee if spending during a month is above Rs. 3,000.10% cashback on certain online transactions on Swiggy and BMS.2x reward points on online transactions.

RBL Reward Points: How to Redeem

While the reward points are automatically added to your credit card, you must spend them manually. You can manually redeem all RBL reward points through the website or mobile app.

Here are the steps you need to follow for RBL rewards: –

  • Visit the RBL rewards website
  • Use your login ID and password to access your credit card rewards program
  • Select the category of gifts you are interested in, such as travel, electronics, etc.
  • Select the products or services that you desire to redeem
  • Click on the option for ‘redeem points’. On the next page, enter the exact number of reward points to use
  • An OTP will be sent to the phone number that you have registered initially
  • Enter the OTP on the page and then click on the next button
  • You must make the payment, if any, using any available options. This option is required when reward points are lesser than required

RBL Reward Points: Key Points

Before you proceed to redeem your RBL reward points, here are some points you must note: –

  • You can only use those reward points mentioned in the monthly statement or mobile app
  • Reward points are available only for completed transactions
  • You cannot club RBL reward points or transfer them to another card
  • If reward points are used for gift vouchers, then you must use the vouchers before the last date
  • RBL forfeits any unused reward points
  • Reward points are unavailable on cash withdrawals, fuel payments, and credit card EMIs
  • You cannot redeem RBL reward points for cash or against credit card bill payments
  • Prevailing guidelines are applicable at the time of redemption

RBL Reward Points: Popular Options

Customers can use RBL reward points against various options included in the rewards catalog, such as: –

  • Flight bookings
  • Hotel stays
  • Gift vouchers
  • Online shopping
  • Purchase of electronics
  • Mobile recharges
  • Several others

RBL has established itself as a leading name in the credit card market. Its vast range of credit cards enables users to maximize the benefits of RBL reward points. You must understand your usage pattern to determine your best RBL credit card. But use your credit card carefully. You must not use a credit card to earn reward points. Earning reward points is a benefit of using credit cards and should not be the only motivation for having a credit card. If you need help with finances, you can always take the help of a financial expert like Piramal Finance. They will suggest what’s best for you and take care of your personal loans