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Complete Guide on How to Calculate Personal Loan Interest Rate


Do you need a calculator to estimate your monthly payments to better budget? The monthly personal loan payment depends on the loan amount, interest rate, and tenure. But do you know how to calculate it?

The personal loan interest rate calculator helps you calculate the returns from the monthly loan payments. In this article, we will discuss the Personal Loan Interest Rate in 2022.

What is a Personal Loan Interest Rate Calculator?

A personal loan is a form of borrowing that does not require collateral. It has several potential uses. You can pay for unexpected expenses, a wedding, or making house repairs or improvements.

After obtaining a personal loan, you will have to make monthly payments. It is known as Equated Monthly Instalments or EMI. This EMI amount will be applied to the principal and interest throughout the loan’s repayment term.

What Are the Factors Affecting Personal Loans?

The following three variables influence the monthly payments of a personal loan.

The loan’s principal, denoted by P.

The amount of the personal loan is directly correlated to the amount of the corresponding monthly payment. When you borrow more money, your payments will reflect that.

The monthly interest rate, denoted by R.

The percentage by which the lenders add interest to the initial principal amount is known as the ‘relevant interest rate’. The EMIs go up when the interest rate goes up, and vice versa.

Loan terms, denoted by N.

The time frame is inversely proportional to the EMI amount. The EMIs decrease with a longer term and increase with a shorter one.

In the next few paragraphs, we will be covering the following topics.

  • Personal Loan Interest Rate calculators.
  • Personal loan calculation formulas.
  • The methods for determining EMI.

How Do I Use a Personal Loan Interest Rate Calculator Online?

To determine the monthly payments required to settle a personal loan, borrowers can use an online loan calculator.

A borrower can use a free personal loan calculator to enter their desired loan amount, loan term, and interest rate. The calculator takes this information to determine the interest due, the EMI, and the loan balance.

However, one should have a fundamental understanding of the EMI of a personal loan before using this tool.

How Do I Determine My Monthly Instalment on a Personal Loan?

The formula for calculating your personal loan’s monthly instalment is as follows.

P x R x (1+R) / N = EMI. / [(1+R)  N-1].

The formula for calculating a personal loan includes three variables P, R, and N. They make up the EMIs.

P represents the interest paid on the principal.

R represents the annual percentage rate.

N represents the amount of time a loan is in effect.

To better grasp the above formula, please refer to the following example. Let’s say the principal or amount borrowed is INR 10,000. The yearly interest rate is 10.5%. The interest rate is computed monthly using the given formula.

Therefore, R = annual interest rate x 12 / 100. The interest rate here is 10.5% per annum. Therefore R = 10.5 x 12 / 100 = 0.00875.

The estimated monthly cost of the personal loan interest rate is INR 13,493. Therefore, you must make 120 monthly payments of INR13,493 to repay the loan completely. A total payment of INR 13,493 x 120 is INR 16,19,160. Therefore, interest on the purchased debt totals INR 16,19,160.

Advantages of Personal Loan Interest Rate Calculator

Now we will look at some advantages of using a Personal Loan Interest Rate calculator.

The EMIs can be managed within the monthly budget.

A Personal Loan Interest Rate calculator can help a borrower determine their exact monthly payment obligation. This allows customers to plan out their monthly budget for the loan duration. They can thus ensure that the EMIs are readily covered.

Thistoolhelps you experiment with different loan amounts, interest rates, and repayment periods. This facilitates the borrower’s ability to choose an appropriate loan amount. They can ensure they are not negatively impacting their current financial situation or way of life.

Keeping a good credit score

Before taking a personal loan, borrowers should figure out how much they can pay each month. This will be an additional aid in their timely loan repayment. Their EMI instalments will be made on time. As a result, the credit scores will be high.

Faster and more precise findings

The complex calculations are done quickly and accurately by the Personal Loan Interest Rate calculator. When EMI is calculated by hand, mistakes are possible. But, using this tool eliminates the possibility of such mistakes, leading to reliable outcomes.

Accessible and easy to use

You can easily find and use a Personal Loan Interest Rate calculator on the internet. You can easily calculate the monthly payments. Just enter the loan’s principal amount, term, and interest rate.

This means that consumers can quickly figure out their monthly payments anytime.

Determining your budget with the help of a Personal Loan Interest Rate calculator. After that, you should learn the necessary steps to obtain your finances.


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