Health Insurance

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Health Insurance


Due to rising living and health care costs, everyone needs health insurance policies today, even if they have a lot of money. It’s a great way to ensure that you and your family are financially safe and healthy in case of medical problems.

Many families had to use their savings to pay for medical bills because of the pandemic. These things showed how important it is to have full health insurance to protect your health and finances.

People who act too quickly may choose health insurance policies that don’t work well. That will only cover a small part of the space. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid if you want to buy the best health insurance policy.

Common mistakes people make when buying health insurance policies

Not enough coverage

In India, the cost of the premium you pay for health insurance is a big part of how you decide which policy to buy. So, people often end up with too little coverage when they try to save money on insurance. When looking for the best health insurance policy, you should consider more than just the cost of the premium. The main reason to get health insurance policies is so you don’t have to worry about money if you get sick or hurt. But if you don’t have enough insurance, your policy might not help you when you need it. If you don’t have enough health insurance and get sick, it’s just as bad as not having any. So make sure your health insurance policy covers enough.

Not enough research

People in a hurry to get health insurance policies should read the terms. Most people buy insurance without researching it or shopping around for the best deal.

Before choosing a health insurance policy, experts suggest doing some research. Families with two or more kids should get a “family floater” plan instead of separate policies. If grandparents are part of the family, it might be best to buy them health insurance policies that don’t have to be paid out of pocket.

The best thing to do is figure out how much your healthcare costs will be over the next few years and then get insurance to cover them.

Not giving a proper medical history

People make the mistake of keeping their health records secret. When they try to get health insurance policies, they worry that they will be turned down or have to pay a lot. If the insured tries to hide their medical history, they could get in trouble when it’s time to make a claim. The company can say that the medical history wasn’t shared.

Health insurance policy contracts are based on the information given by the insured. If you tell them about your health history, they might charge you a slightly higher premium, but they won’t be able to pay your claim.

Buying a simple policy

There should be more than the basic coverage to cover many illnesses or situations where medical coverage is required. But the person with the policy can buy extras that fit their needs. Since add-ons raise the premium, many people choose a standard health insurance policy. Standard policies have lower premiums, but unless you buy add-ons, they don’t cover certain medical conditions or situations.

Misreading of the co-pay clause

When they buy something, most people don’t think about inflation. With a co-pay provision, the insured pays part of the claim and the insurance company pays the rest. The section is for older people, expensive medical procedures, and treatment in the city. In this case, the insured pays a co-payment of 10% to 20% of the claim.

Other kinds of insurance cost more than co-pay insurance. You must understand this part of the law if you want affordable long-term health insurance policies. When you are young and healthy, the co-pay option can be helpful.

Leaving out the exceptions

Every health insurance policy has a list of things it doesn’t cover. Companies that sell insurance will tell you ahead of time. They won’t pay for any claims due to being left out. People often only bother to read the list of things that are allowed. They feel bad when they need to make a claim and find out that the insurance company won’t pay.

Ignoring the additional benefits

A comprehensive health insurance policy may cost a little more than a basic one, but the extra benefits of a comprehensive one make it worth the extra money. If you don’t take advantage of these extra benefits, your health insurance may not cover as much or protect you as well as it could. These extra benefits include ambulance charges, hospitalisation costs, cashless hospitalisation, etc.

Overlooking small details

Even though most people read and understand the policy carefully and know what it covers, they often miss the small details about how it works. The functional details help you make better plans or do things that have never happened before. These will also help you figure out if you should buy the policy in question in the first place. Even if you forgot to look over these details, you could still use the free look period. Almost every health insurance policy has a free-look period of 15 days. You have 15 days after buying the policy to review all the details of your health insurance policies. If you don’t like any of the terms during this time, you can cancel the plan and get your money back, according to the T&Cs.

Buying health insurance in old age

Many people think that health insurance is only for older people, so they don’t buy one until they’re older. No one can predict when they will need medical care, so not getting the right coverage early on could lead to asset losses or high premiums later. Investing early in health insurance will help you avoid both problems.

Many low-cost insurance plans for people under 45 are easy to get. When you purchase health insurance early, you can pay for the waiting period while you are unlikely to need it. This gives you full coverage at a young age.


You can protect yourself and your family in a medical emergency by getting health insurance. Because of how busy people are these days, full-coverage health insurance is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Consumers need to know about their different insurance options to make a smart choice. Don’t make the same mistakes others have made when looking for health insurance. Make sure that you and your family are financially protected. Piramal Finance is a great financing option for everyone. Visit their website to learn more about the products and services they offer.