Celebrate This Diwali With A New Car

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Diwali marks the beginning of the festive season in India. It is when you celebrate with your friends and family and enjoy good food and sweets. However, it is also an excellent time for new beginnings, like buying a new car.

A lot of people look forward to Diwali and apply for a car loan or a personal loan that will help them bring their dream car home. Why? That’s because several automobile dealers offer attractive discounts on car purchases during Diwali. Nonetheless, that isn’t all. Here are all the benefits of buying a car during Diwali.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Car Loan And Buy A Car This Diwali

Automobile manufacturers put forward several offers to boost their sales during Diwali. But the question remains. Is Diwali a good time to apply for a car loan and bring home a new car?

The answer can vary depending on every individual’s unique situation. But in general, the answer is yes. Diwali is an ideal time to make a car purchase. Here are all the reasons why.

  1. Discounts, offers, and free accessories

Attractive deals are the primary reason Diwali is a great time to buy a new car. During the festive season, people are in the mood to celebrate. This means they are willing to spend money on the good things in life, including having a car of their own. However, the numerous options on the market can make it hard for them to choose a car. So, they often turn to discounts and deals to find the ideal car.

The competition in the automobile industry is pretty tough. Every automobile manufacturer wants to grab its share of the market. To achieve this, manufacturers and dealers come up with competitive offers that attract potential car buyers. Additionally, they might be willing to offer free accessories as part of the purchase. This includes wheel covers, tool kits, seat covers, etc.

If you want to take advantage of all these benefits, buying a car during Diwali is a great option. However, remember that these offers only last during the festive period. They might be invalid on any other day.

  1. Cashback and gifts

You enjoy discounts, offers, and free accessories when buying a car this Diwali. But that isn’t all. Car manufacturers and dealers also offer cashback and gifts. If you go shopping during the festive season, you will find a lot of businesses organising lucky draw contests. This is another way to attract prospective car buyers.

Nonetheless, it means a great deal for you on your car purchase. You get to bag attractive cashback offers. This means you save a significant amount on the car purchase. In addition, you get to participate in contests like a lucky draw or scratch cards. And if you are fortunate, you can take home an additional gift.

Now, that is a great way to celebrate the festive season. You get a car, and you also get a memorable experience worth remembering for your lifetime.

  1. Replace your old vehicle with a new one

Do you already own a car that has gotten too old with time? Perhaps you should exchange it for a new car this Diwali.

Unlike the rest of the year, car manufacturers and dealers become open to the idea of car exchanges during Diwali. In addition, several financial institutions offer customised car loans to support such exchanges.

If you are short on money, swapping your old car for a new one can be a brilliant option. And there is no better time to do it than during Diwali. You get a good price on your old car, plus added benefits, cashback, and discounts. This translates to big savings in a season when you are likely to spend a lot.

  1. Enjoy free car insurance

Buying a car is a huge investment. However, a car purchase doesn’t end with you paying just the cost of the car. Alongside the price of the car, you also have to pay for car insurance. Car insurance in India typically begins at Rs 2,400 per year. Nevertheless, this amount can vary based on your car’s model and brand.

The good news about buying a car during Diwali is that you stand a chance to get free car insurance. Now, this entirely depends on the dealership. So, you will have to ask the dealer if they have such offers during the festive season. If they do, you can save on insurance costs for the first year after purchasing a car.

  1. Car loans with zero processing fees and attractive interest rates

If the opportunity to save big on a car purchase sounds appealing, this last point is for you.

Using car loans is a great way to purchase a car during Diwali. Typically, car dealers partner with banks and other financial institutions to offer attractive interest rates and zero processing fees on car loans. So, if you have plans to take a car loan to buy a car, Diwali might be the best time to do so.

Apart from processing fee waivers and reduced interest rates, you might also get other benefits, like a reduced down payment.

Bring your dream vehicle home this Diwali with a car loan.

The festive season is indeed a great time to buy a new car. Diwali is a festival of new beginnings and holds sentimental value. So, a car purchase can bring positive energy and pave the way to more celebrations.

If you are short on funds, consider getting a car loan to fund your car purchase. Numerous car loan and personal loan providers exist on the market these days. They often offer attractive deals on Diwali. For instance, check Piramal Finance’s personal loan webpage. They have unique features that can make your car purchase as smooth and enjoyable as possible.