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Celebrate Festive Season With Piramal Finance Personal Loan


Festive seasons are the most-anticipated times of the year. Indian homes often have parties. This means there will be chances to buy big things like a new house, a car, gold jewellery, etc.

Taking out a personal loan during the festive season is the best way to stick to a budget. Online personal loans are a great idea because they don’t require a lot of paperwork to get approved. Also, the money goes into your account after you get approved. It gives you the freedom to spend.

With Piramal Finance’s Personal Loan, you may fulfil your dear ones’ desires this festive period.

Dreams You Can Fulfil with Piramal Finance’s Personal Loan

A festival means celebration, joy, and getting together. It’s also the time of year when you gift your loved ones to make their celebrations fun. But it can be expensive to get the best gifts for everyone in the family. What if you don’t have enough money? Would you let a lack of money ruin the joy and excitement of the holidays? Not. A personal loan can save your day.


The festival is the best time to redecorate and prepare the house for parties. People paint and fix up their homes at this time. With the help of a personal loan, it’s easy to fix up the inside of your home, paint the walls, and buy new furniture to replace your old stuff. The festival season is full of deals and discounts, including the best deals on interest rates. Getting a personal loan for home decor during the festival makes sense.

Buying Gold

You can’t wait for Dhanteras. Every person loves gold. You could buy gold for your beloved one. With the help of a personal loan, you can buy gold and brings happiness to your partner. 

Electronics Purchase

When you went to the mall last, did you stop to look at a brand-new gaming laptop? Or do you love your friend’s new DSLR camera? Now is the time if you haven’t bought these things yet because you don’t have enough money. With the help of personal loan festival offers, start checking off your list of must-have electronics and gadgets.

Buying a Vehicle

You’ve been planning to buy a car for a while, right? If the answer is yes, now is the best time to do it. Almost every car company offers big deals during festive seasons to get people to buy their cars. So, what’s holding you back from buying your dream car? Funds? Don’t worry. Get a personal loan and drive your dream car home from the festival.


What is the best time to pack your bags and go on a trip? Most of the time, the answer will be during the festival. With the party atmosphere, days of celebration, and back-to-back holiday is a great way to spend time with your family and relax. Taking advantage of personal loan festival offers allows you to go to your favourite place without worrying about your tight budget.

Why Getting a Personal Loan for Festival is a Good Idea?

There are numerous reasons to get a personal loan for the festivals, but here are a few:

1. High loan amount

With a personal loan, you can get up to INR 10 lakhs. This makes the festive season more exciting and enjoyable. Also, by utilising a personal loan, you can bear multiple costs you and your family will have during the holiday season.

2. Flexibility

When you receive a personal loan, you can use the money to buy whatever you want during the festive season. Whether it’s Karvachauth or Durga Puja, you can give more gifts and do more to celebrate.

3. Low-Interest Rates

Interest rates are low during the festive season.  It is one of the main reasons why personal loans perform great during this time. Personal loans can have interest rates as low as 12.99%* per year, which can be paid off with liveable EMIs.

4. Easy to apply

Financial institutions are switching to digital, which makes it easy for people to get personal loans online. Also, you don’t have to go to a branch or call a financial institution to apply for and send in papers for a personal loan. The entire procedure can be completed online. Once approved and your documents have been checked, the money is sent to your account immediately.

5. No Collateral

Personal loans are unsecured, so you don’t need to pledge anything over the holidays. It could be hard to survive the festive season and pay for everything. But all of this has become simple and easy with a personal loan.

Few Points to Note Before Taking A Personal Loan from Piramal Finance

Before getting a personal loan for festivals, remember a few things.

  • Don’t just decide on the spot to get a personal loan during the festive season. Before applying for a loan, you should consider the following things.
  • Check to see if you deserve credit. Check your credit report to see any EMI skips, loan settlements, or multiple hard inquiries. If that’s the case, try to get any bad marks off your credit report before you accept the festive season loan offer.
  • Determine your debt-to-income ratio. You can figure it out by dividing your monthly gross income by the total amount of your monthly EMIs. If the number is more than 50, you should try to pay off some debts first to get this number down.
  • Personal loans do not need collateral. The interest rates for them are higher than those for secured loans. If you are on a tight budget, don’t use this loan product to buy things on the spur of the moment during the festive season. It will only make your money problems worse.
  • Always prepare a backup plan for paying back your debt because your credit score will go down if you can’t pay your loan EMI because you don’t have enough money.


During the festive period, a personal loan from Piramal Finance can be a big help. Come to us if you want things to go smoothly and without trouble. The processing fee is small, and the personal loan calculator can help determine whether you can get a loan.

Once you know you’re eligible, you can apply for a personal loan online by sending in the necessary paperwork. You can repay the loan in 60 months at 12.99%* each year.

Getting a personal loan during the festivals lets you enjoy yourself without worrying about money. Let your joy grow and grow during the holiday season! If you need any other information regarding personal loans and their application process, visit Piramal Finance.