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If you are planning to purchase a piece of land, it is important to use a land area calculator to get its correct measurements. In the context of India, you will find that almost every state uses a different measurement for land. So, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the units of measurement in the relevant state. Otherwise, it is helpful to learn about an equivalent unit which can be used to convert the area. A land area calculator is like an online tool. It can help you obtain clear and correct measurements of the area of land. 

What Is A Land Area Calculator? 

land area calculator is an online tool which helps to convert one unit into another. When it comes to land, there are many different measurements used. A land calculator helps to find the local equivalent units of an area. There is no other easier way to make such a calculation. 

Most Common Units Of Conversion Used In Land Area Calculator 

Here are some of the most common units of conversion used in a land area calculator. 

Square Feet

Square feet are also denoted as sq. ft. It is an area of a square with each side measuring 1 foot. It is the most basic standard unit of measurement. And most cities in India use this measurement to denote the area of land. 

Square Metre

A square metre is a measurement of an area which helps to determine the area of the ground or floor. The measuring unit denotes an area that is equivalent to one metre on each side. 


It is not as common as other units of measurement for land. It is commonly denoted as ‘ha’. A hectare is a metric unit that measures the area of land. It should not be confused with acre. 


Acre was originally used in the imperial system of units. It is among the oldest units in use for measuring a piece of land. An acre of land can be measured even if it is in different shapes such as rectangles, pentagons or circles. The length and width of the land could be anything. But, it should not exceed a total land area of 43,560 square feet. 


In many North Indian states, Bigha is used as the traditional unit of measuring land. However, the measurement of Bigha differs from one state to the other. 

Most Common Units Used For Area Conversion In India 

The following table elucidates some of the common units of conversion which are in use in India. It will give you an idea about the results of a land area calculator. 

Unit of AreaConversion Unit
1 Square Foot (sq. ft.)144 sq. in
1 Square Inch0.0069444 sq. ft.
1 Square Centimetre0.00107639 sq. ft.
1 Square Metre (sq. m)10.76391042 sq. ft.
1 Square Yard (sq. yd)9 sq. ft.
1 Square Kilometre (sq. km)247.10 acres
1 Acre4840 sq. yd
1 Hectare10,000 sq. m or 2.49 acres (approx.)
1 Square Mile640 acres or 259 hectares

Measuring Area Of Land

It is very easy to calculate the area of land. We can use a simple formula to collect the area of land. It is expressed as follows:

Measurement of the area of land = The sum of the area of all rectangles + the sum of the area of all triangles

You can calculate the area of any piece of land. The product of the length and breadth of the land is the ultimate area of land. You can also calculate the area of an irregular piece of land.  

Let us get to know about the benefits of using a land area calculator.

Benefits Of Using A Land Area Calculator

India is a diverse country. Since the geography here is so varied, it can be a struggle to deal with different conversion metrics. Also, you should not rely on manual calculations. They can carry errors and the results may be incorrect. To calculate the area of a property or the value of land, it is best to use a land area calculator. The calculations obtained using it may be especially useful if you are trying to get a loan against the property. It helps the lender evaluate the correct value of the property. 

Some of the prominent benefits of using such a calculator are as follows. 

  1. Using such a tool ensures that your results are free of errors. 
  2. You can perform instant calculations using the tool. 
  3. You can convert any value of land area into a lesser-known metric. 
  4. You can make correct property-related decisions. 
  5. You can get proper information and knowledge about the actual value of the land. 

Apart from the common units for measuring land areas such as the hectare, acre and square yards, there are many other units of land measurement that are prevalent in India. Some of them are Kanal, Guntha, Killa, Biswani, Chatak, Cent, Dhur, Lecha, Kuncham, Ankanam, and more. Each of them is distinctly popular in one or more parts of India. 


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