Calculate F&O Span Margin Online With This Margin Calculator


The margin needs for various options exchanges may not be known to today’s stock choice traders. Most of the options and futures exchange markets all across the world have used SPAN, the top margin system in the world. SPAN uses a tricky collection of algorithms to calculate margin based on a global evaluation of the risk of one day of a trader’s account. SPAN offers futures and commodities option strategists a huge perk: an extra margin for their money. And day trading is a very risky affair. Thus, margin calculators make it much easier for you to do trading. Margin calculators make it for you to compute your futures as well as options. 

What Is F&O Span Margin?

The SPAN margin is the initial margin needed for the exchanges in the F&O markets. It is computed using a portfolio-based method (a set of futures and options contracts). An app named SPAN is used to calculate the margin. It is a product that Chicago Mercantile Exchange has made.

Your broker gets a margin when you buy or sell a futures contract. You must fund your trading account with margins before placing a deal. If you purchase or sell a futures contract, margins must be paid. Margins in futures trading aim to protect against the risk of loss causing price changes. You run a risk when you buy Nifty futures since there will be a loss if the Nifty falls. Because markets are quite tricky, margins are kept to cover this risk. Thus, futures margins work in two sorts of margins. You must pay the First Margin on the position, which includes SPAN and ELM margins when you take the position.

What Is F&O Span Margin Calculator?

An online margin calculation tool for futures and options is called the F&O Margin Calculator. Both stocks and indexes may be used with this tool. It analyses the margin needs for multi-leg F&O techniques in depth, Option Writing and Shorting, and futures trading. This tool breaks down the margins into the SPAN, premium, calendar spread, exposure, and other exposure margins. Nifty & indexes may both be computed using the span margin calculator. The SPAN Margin Calculator and F&O Margin Calculator can only be accessed online. SPAN margin calculator will give you real-time margin updates for your futures and options contracts as exchange (NSE) SPAN files are downloaded five times per day on a real-time basis.

How To Calculate F&O Span Margin With Margin Calculator

You can view the F&O Span Margin using any margin tool online from a reputed site. Using the F&O Span Margin calculator is pretty easy and simple. However, core knowledge about how it is calculated is vital.

All you need to do is choose the exchange, section, ticker, amount, and if you wish to buy or sell. You will see the margin (capital) for starting the deal after filling out the data and clicking “add.” You can check out the process in the steps below:

  1. To calculate the F&O Span Margin, you first need to go to any of the F&O Span Margin calculators available online and open the same.
  2. After that, you must select the type of exchange you will be trading in.
  3. Then, you would need to select the type of stock it is out of futures and options.
  4. Select the symbol after this of the futures or options in which you will be trading.
  5. And finally, select the quantity that you would want to buy.
  6. Then two small options would be given for selling and buying. It depends upon if the futures or options you have chosen are being sold or bought by you.
  7. As the last step, you could see an option to add. That is where you need to click.
  8. Below the calculator, the computations would be visible. You could see the SPAN, exposure margin and total margin.

How does the calculator for span margin operate?

So, how does a tool for SPAN Margin work in general? SPAN aims to know the total risk in your portfolio having futures and options choices. One thing that you need to know is that three elements most directly affect the value of an option at a given moment in pricing models:

  1. Basic market value
  2. Variability of the stock, or its volatility
  3. Expiry date

The value of the futures and options held by the portfolio would change due to these variables. To know the most loss a portfolio might sustain from one day to the next, SPAN creates scenarios of likely changes in underlying prices. The margin (capital) needed is then established at a level high enough to cover this one-day loss. And this is how span margins work.


By the end of this article, you will know quite a bit about Span margins and how to calculate F&O Span Margin Online using a Margin tool. The process of computing is pretty simple. Based on the factors such as volatility and price changes, the SPAN Margin calculator helps to know about the span margin and the exposure margin needed by the exchanges. 

The main aim of span margin is to safeguard positions and portfolios from unexpected price changes. It is the ideal way to protect oneself from losses in the market, combined with exposure margin, which creates an additional layer of protection. Thus, you can be more on guard while trading with futures and options by using the F&O Span Margin Calculator.