Buy the Best Wooden Dressing Table Online in India


Nowadays, there is a variety of dressing tables available in the market. You can choose from a vast range of products available in the market. They are made of wood, ductile iron, sculpted plastics, and other materials. You can choose your dressing table as per the need of your home. Distinct types of wood are used to make wooden dressing tables. Solid timber dressing desks are the finest. They are durable and can be used for years. Solid wooden dressing tables are also lovely. It is because they are both classy and antique.

What is a Dressing Table?

A dressing table is a compact furniture item. It includes a mirror, a desk with a drawer chest, and a stool. It is a crucial storage container in any home. In many households, it is used to keep, makeup, and other belongings. It is a multipurpose item. Dressing tables these days are available with a cabinet of drawers. Dressing tables are available in different price ranges. You can even get the best table for under 20000 rupees.

Why By Wooden Dressing Tables

We have listed below a few reasons why wooden dressing tables are the best:


A wood table is sturdy and requires little or no care. Wood is a long-lasting material. It can resist constant use, whether a cooking spill or a scrape on the dressing table. A solid wood table can last for centuries if proper care is taken.

Easy to Maintain

A wooden table is easy to clean. Use a wood cleaning liquid to preserve the chair’s wood components in good condition. You should keep it away from water and dust to keep it new for years.


Even if one pays extra for an authentic wooden table piece, wood is more precious than any other material. Wooden furniture looks classy. The wooden tables are bound to stand out. It might be more expensive than a table made of other materials. The long-term benefits of wooden tables outweigh the short-term costs. Softwood tables, such as pine, are available at less price. The dressing table made from mahogany and oak can be more pricey.

Better Looking Interiors

Adding a beautiful dressing table to your room will add a touch of style to it. You can place it in a corner with a matching stool. There’s no doubt that a dressing table adds a fashionable touch to the house.

Can be Modified

A wooden dressing table has an additional benefit – you can get it polished again and it will look better than a new one. Wood table refinishing can be as simple as cleaning, dyeing, or painting. Dressing tables can easily be placed in compact bedrooms.

Many individuals struggle to find things when they need them the most. This small dressing table can be your go-to option. You can use it to keep your car keys, mobile phone, wallet, rubber band and other things, which naturally diminish when we require them. It helps in keeping things in a more organized manner. To put it differently, everything must have a spot and be in its correct place.

Wooden Dressing Tables Ideas

Alcove Style Wooden Dressing Tables 

Make the most of the room’s nooks. Install a built-in shelf in the bedroom to organise personal makeup. Add a shelf and a mirror to the corner and make a small dressing table without occupying the floor area. You can also place a small stool under the table and get your own space to get ready.

Elegant Wooden Dressing Table Concept

If space is not an issue for you then you can get a lavish dressing table area created in your room. Get a nicely carved wooden dressing table for yourself. In place of a simple stool, you can get a cushioned chair for your dressing area. This will make your room look elegant and functional.


You can get your dressing table mounted on the wall, to have a clutter-free floor. Large square glass with makeup lights adds warmth and grace to your wall. You can also keep a chair, which can be placed below it, once you are done using the area.

If you are purchasing a wooden dressing table, ensure to keep it organised. Choose good lighting, make sure there’s a plug point handy and keep the surface of your dressing table clean.

Why Buy Dressing Tables Online?

There is a wide range of dressing tables available in stores. You can browse internet sites to choose the best for you. Online purchases allow you to compare various products. by sitting in your home. The sites are constantly updated to reflect current trends. Online shopping might be more advantageous. You can avail of offers and many websites offer free home delivery.

You can easily find the best table under 2000 by applying just one filter. You will various colours, designs and size options in just a click. A large dressing table with a mirror can add an exclusive, lavish, and grand touch to your space. However, not just visually stunning, these tables also help to organize various small things in one place. Trendy dressing table design can be used as a vanity with fantastic lighting.


The interior of your home reflects your personality and the dressing table is a part of it. You can choose the best dressing table, keeping the space and your budget in mind. These ideas can provide a significant amount of inspiration for home decorators. Interior architects and experts choose design patterns with unique wooden dressing table layouts. If you are planning to purchase a dressing table then check the Piramal Finance website to get easy financing options, such as credit cards or personal loans. Browse through their website to know more about various finance-related topics.