Buy the Best Puma Shoes for Men in India


Puma is recognized as one of the most influential fashion companies in the world. Indian consumers have a significant appetite for Puma footwear. Puma shoes are in high demand as they are both fashionable and comfortable to wear. In this piece on the Best Puma Shoes, we have narrowed it down to a few branded shoes for men from Puma.

1. Puma Men’s Voyager IDP

The Voyager IDP is a shoe that is exceptionally lightweight, narrow, and comfy. It is an excellent choice for light exercise in the morning, such as walking or running, but it is not appropriate for more strenuous activities.

We wouldn’t call this shoe the most aesthetically pleasing addition to the lineup, but you can pick from ten or eleven different hues.  Although it is one of the highest-quality options available at this price point.

Its cushion is on the thinner side, and it would have been better if it had been on the thicker side instead. However, because the shoe is sufficiently comfy, this should not seem like too much of an issue.

Sole-mesh fabric is used in the construction of the shoes, while the remaining materials of the body are synthetic. The guarantee on the goods covers manufacturing flaws for ninety days.

Pros Cons
Comfortable to wearNo support for flat feet 
Quality fabric in manufacturing  

2. Puma Liberate nitro

The Liberate Nitro is virtually identical to the Deviate Nitro Elite, save for the absence of the plates. It can deal with tempo runs. This is the perfect shoe for you if you are seeking a racing flat or are training for a race and need a flat shoe. It can be used in a variety of ways and is inexpensive. Although it can adapt to a wide range of speeds, it is best utilized for running over relatively short distances. Heavy runners may also have trouble because the top doesn’t offer much support and the padding isn’t very thick.

Pros Cons
Very lightweight Not good for long usage 
Very flexible Noisy outsole
Comfortable to put on  
Excellent heel clutch 

3. Puma Pace Racer

The Puma Pacer Next Cage is one of the greatest shoes that the brand has to offer for under 2,000 dollars. A fantastic option in terms of both its appearance and its overall quality. It comes in various colors and may be purchased for either girls or boys or both genders.

The upper of the shoes is made of mesh and soft materials; this construction does not require a sock, and it can contribute to the shoe’s breathability. Therefore, the entire experience is more pleasant for the feet. Because of the lace cages that are located on both sides of the shoe, it offers a degree of additional durability.

Pros Cons
The perfect pair for any occasion  Not for intense usage 
Lightweight No flat foot support

4. Eternity Nitro

Puma’s Eternity Nitro was a shoe that caught runners by complete and utter surprise. It does not appear to be a very promising trainer at first glance; nevertheless, your opinion completely shifts as soon as you put it on your feet. It is a well-cushioned stability trainer, but it does not have the sensation of one at all. This Puma shoe is up to the challenge of a long, gradual run and a whole day spent strolling.

Pros Cons
Support for flat feetNot good for prolonged use
Secure upper fit Too light 
Excellent grip  

5. Puma Super Levitate

The Puma Super Levitate is a superior running shoe that will make you feel as if you are floating while you are out on your run. It is able to provide exceptional cushioning, comfort, and support regardless of the activity you are participating in since it is fitted with dependable technical characteristics. Several reviewers and runners have corroborated this, saying the shoe provides a premium running experience at a reasonable price.

Pros Cons
Very comfortable Lack of padding 
No setting in phase Insufficient support on heel 
Perfect fit  

6. Cell Descent

The Puma Cell Descend has received largely excellent reactions from customers, with many reviews highlighting the design’s capacity to accommodate various activities. It is said that the cushioning from the midsole is accommodating, while it is thought that the top does a good job of being breathable and comfortable around the foot. On the other hand, several customers have criticised the provided insole for being thin and unpleasant, and the fit has been deemed unsatisfactory.

Pros Cons
A pleasant and comfortable paddingSlipping foot
Appealing design Narrow space for forefoot 
Pretty affordable  


These running shoes are great for activities like running, jogging, and working out, but they are not advised for sports like cricket, volleyball, tennis, or athletics. They are best suited for activities like those mentioned above. In addition, you may wear it when you go out with your pals while wearing casual attire, such as jeans, a t-shirt, and pants.

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