Buy The Best Pathani Kurta Online In India


Pathani kurtas and suits are a tad different from the usual ethnic collections available in India. The Pathani style of kurtas and suits is inspired by Afghan traditional wear. These kurtas and pyjama sets are traditionally of the same colour. To enhance your look you can wear a Nehru jacket over the kurta.

What should you look for in a Pathani Suit Set or a Pathani Kurta

A Pathani kurta stands out from regular kurtas due to its unique design features. Some design features that you should look for in a Pathani kurta are

  • Collar Neck – The most important feature of a Pathani kurta is its collar neck. All Pathani kurtas and suit sets have a collar neck even if they are designed for women, children or men.
  • Full Sleeves – Another distinguishable feature of a Pathani suit set is its full sleeves. These sleeves can be rolled up and fastened over the elbow with a button.
  • Front Pockets – Every Pathani kurta has two front pockets that can be closed with a flap and buttoned down. These pockets along with the collar neck give a formal vibe to the kurta.
  • Buttons – The Pathani suit sets and kurtas feature big buttons on the sleeves and pockets. These buttons are the only embellishment as the kurtas are plain and made from solid colours.
  • Material – Pathani suits are usually made from 100% cotton but now they are available in different materials too. Linen, cotton silk and lycra are the most popular options for making Pathani kurtas as they offer more comfort to the wearer. So before buying your kurta remember to check the material of both the kurta and the pyjama. Always ensure that you buy the material that you are most comfortable wearing. This is especially important if you are buying a Pathani suit set for your child.

Best Online Platforms For Buying a Pathani Suit Set or Kurta in India

Although many online shopping sites feature Pathani kurtas, you may face issues with the quality or delivery of the product. To avoid disappointment, it is a good idea to check reliable online websites to buy your own Pathani suit set. Here are some prominent shopping websites in India that feature quality products. You can check out Pathani Kurtas and suits on these websites and make your purchase.


In TataCliq you can find over 140 different styles of Pathani kurtas and sets for you and your family. Manyavar, FabIndia, Jaipur Kurti, Aurelia, and Aks are some popular brands that are listed on this website.

Costliest ProductBrand – FabIndia.Description – Blue Linen Pathani Kurta for Men.Price – Rs. 3299
Cheapest ProductBrand – Little Mafia by Aarika.Description – Kids Navy Blue Cotton Pathani Kurta Set.Price – Rs.399
Most Popular ProductBrand – Vastramay.Description – White Cotton Pathani kurta set for Men.Price – Rs. 2019


Flipkart features over 7000 different designs of Pathani suits and kurtas on its website. Although there are many new and lesser-known brands featuring their Pathani collection on the website, you can also find good brands like W, Pantaloons, House of Pataudi, Aurelia, and Aks here.

Costliest ProductBrand – Indian Poshak.Description – Black Cotton Blend Pathani Suit Set for Men.Price – Rs. 6907
Cheapest ProductBrand – HRRDescription – Boys Cotton Kurta Pyjama Pathani Set.Available in Red, White, Blue, and Yellow.Price – Rs. 186
Most Popular ProductBrand – LibasDescription – Maroon Viscose Rayon Pathani Kurta for Women.Price – Rs. 469


The Rajwadi website features over 100 Pathani designs in different colours and sizes. Linen Club and R Studio are the two brands that are featured on this website. Pathani kurtas and suit sets are available for men and boys on this website.

Costliest ProductBrand – R StudioDescription – Maroon Cotton Silk Pathani Suit Set for Men.Price – Rs. 13,799
Cheapest ProductBrand – R StudioDescription – Off White Boys Lycra Pathani Set.Price – Rs. 1299
Most Popular ProductBrand – R StudioDescription – Light Blue Round Neck Pathani Suit with Fancy Buttons for Men.Price – Rs. 2795


On Amazon, you can choose from over 4000 different types of Pathani kurtas and suits for yourself and your loved ones. Manyavar, In-Sattva, and Vastramay are some popular brands featured on this website.

Costliest ProductBrand – In-SattvaDescription – Pullover Pathani Kurta with Roll-up Sleeves and Shoulder Straps. Available in Black, White, Light Blue, and Navy Blue.Price – Rs. 7814
Cheapest ProductBrand – DiverseDescription – Royal Blue Cotton Pathani Kurta.Price – Rs. 459
Most Popular ProductBrand – VastramayDescription – Cotton Blend Pathani Kurta. Available in Blue, Grey, Black, White, Yellow, and Pink.Price – Rs. 838 – Rs. 1199. The price varies according to the size selected by you.


Popular brands on Myntra include Vastramay, Aarika, Manyavar, Biba, and Sangria. On Myntra, there are over 800 different options of Pathani kurtas and suits for men, women, and children.

Costliest ProductBrand – TasvaDescription – Cream-coloured Cotton Pathani Suit with Salwar.Price – Rs. 6499
Cheapest ProductBrand – VMartDescription – Mustard Yellow Cotton Pathani Kurta with Pyjamas for Boys.Price – Rs. 449
Most Popular ProductBrand – HangupDescription – Solid Black Cotton Pathani Kurta with Pyjamas for Men.Price – Rs. 1139


Buying a Pathani suit set for yourself and your family will make you look unique. You can also pair these kurtas with different accessories to create a stylish look. Chunky jewellery, ethnic footwear, and sunglasses will add more jazz to your look. You can also dress down and pair these Pathani kurtas with jeans for a more casual look.

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