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Bike Insurance Calculator – Calculate Two Wheeler Insurance Premium Online


The policy’s price is the first consideration when choosing bike or two-wheeler insurance. The insurance premium is included in this cost. In other words, a premium is a price that an insurance company charges for its coverage. A biker insurance calculator could be used to determine the premium that needs to be paid. On their websites, both insurance brokers and insurance companies have links to online resources.

What Is a Bike Insurance Calculator?

With a simple online tool called a “bike insurance calculator,” you can figure out how much it will cost to insure a motorcycle, scooter, or electric bike. The two-wheeler insurance premium calculator looks at the make, model, insured declared value (IDV), year of production, and information from the regional transport office to give you a free quote (RTO).

You can use the calculator to see how the premium is calculated and change it to fit your needs. You can change the IDV, add or remove add-ons (if necessary), etc., and see the results in real time; the quote will change based on what you type in. Use the calculator at the top of the page to get a quick idea of how much your two-wheeler insurance will cost.

Premium Calculator: How to Use It

  • Using a bike insurance premium calculator is not hard and only takes a few easy steps.
  • Visit the official website chosen by the insurance company.
  • On some websites, a separate tab that says “Premium Calculator” should be chosen.
  • Choose a plan of action.
  • Type in the information asked for.
  • Submit
  • If there isn’t a tab for it, go to the plan you want to check the premium.
  • Choose “Buy Now” from the menu or “Calculate Premium.”
  • Please fill in the information asked for, then send it.
  • You will get a quote for your premium with and without GST when everything is done.

How to Use a Calculator for Bike Insurance?

Bike insurance calculator online is easy to use

Follow the steps below to figure out how much your premium will be with an online bike insurance premium calculator:

  • Visit a website that lets you figure out how much your bike insurance will cost.
  • Choose the brand, model, and version of the two-wheeler.
  • Enter the bike’s ex-showroom price, the city where it was registered, and the year it was bought.
  • If you claimed your bike insurance the year before, click “Calculate.”
  • You will see the Insured Declared Value (IDV) and the estimated premium price for your specific bike model.
  • Each requests a fast estimate from a number of insurance providers.
  • You can choose a plan and pay the premium online with a bank card, a credit card, or UPI.

Calculator for Two Wheeler Insurance Premiums for New Bikes

Important information about a two-wheeler that is needed to figure out the insurance premium for a new two-wheeler:

  • Name of the maker and the year it was made
  • Type of two-wheeled vehicle that is an alternative to the two-wheeler
  • State and city where the bikes are registered
  • The two-wheeler premium calculator will help you choose the best insurance by letting you figure out how much your premium will be.

Calculator for Two-Wheeler Insurance Premiums for Used Bikes

Important information about a two-wheeler needed to figure out how much an insurance plan will cost for an old or used two-wheeler:

  • Brand, model, and type of two-wheeler
  • What you know now about two-wheeler insurance coverage by fuel type (if any)
  • State and city of registration for bikes with two wheels
  • Reports and information about old claim files or no-claim bonuses (NCB) (if any)
  • When you put in your information, the two-wheeler premium calculator will estimate how much your insurance plan will cost. After that, you can choose the best option for you.

Cost Calculator for Third-party Insurance on a Two-wheeler

A third-party bike insurance calculator is an online tool that lets you figure out how much third-party insurance costs.

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 says that all two-wheeled vehicles must have a “3rd Party Bike Insurance Policy” to protect them financially from third-party liabilities. So, anyone who owns a two-wheeler must have at least third-party insurance.

Here are the most important parts of a calculator for third-party insurance:

  • Cover for the liabilities of other people
  • How big is your bike’s engine? 
  •  The safety of the bike owner

Calculator for Benefits of Bike Insurance

  • With a bike insurance calculator, you can figure out how much your two-wheeler insurance will cost. This tool looks at many things about your two-wheeler, like the brand, model, RTO information, and declared insured value, and gives you an instant premium price.
  • You can save time by using a bike insurance calculator, which quickly gives you the cost of a two-wheeler insurance plan.
  • Using the bike insurance calculator tool, you can compare the cost of premiums and the coverage offered by different insurance companies. This lets you choose the plan that best fits your needs.
  • It is a flexible tool that will only force you to pick one thing over another. Since no one from the outside can change your decision, it stays the same.

Why Is It Important to Use a Bike Insurance Calculator?

Before you buy something, you need to know how much it costs. In the same way, you need to know how much bike insurance costs before you buy it. The following important shows that using the two-wheeler insurance premium calculator can help you make a smart choice.

Saves you cash

A bike insurance calculator is mostly used to help people buy bike insurance that fits their budget. The calculator tells you how the premium is calculated and how the right combination of factors lets you choose the best bike insurance coverage.

Lowers the cost of bike insurance

With the bike insurance calculator, you can determine what makes the premium go up or down. With this tool, you can change your coverage and, as a result, the cost of your bike insurance to fit your needs and budget.

Helps you make decisions based on facts

The bike insurance premium calculator is clear about how it works. Also, it tells you how your two-wheeler insurance rate is set so that you can make an informed decision.

No need to use middlemen or agencies

With the bike insurance calculator, you don’t have to go through other people or organisations to find out how much bike insurance costs. The online tool lets you choose and change the two-wheeler insurance coverage to fit your needs without relying on a middleman.


A bike insurance calculator is a computer programme that helps policyholders figure out how much their two-wheeler insurance premium should be.

Bike insurance, which is like car insurance for bikes, covers them. When you buy two-wheeler insurance online, it usually covers theft, damage, and accidents. You can look at Piramal Finance and their website to find out more.