Best Modern Dressing Table Designs For Bedrooms In India


There is always a dressing table model that aligns with your style preferences. It could be an intricate item with a magnificent texture or something more simple.

In addition to being a dedicated location for getting dressed, a dressing table has a mirror and cabinets for organising and storing all of your beauty supplies. However, before purchasing one, ensure you go through the best modern dressing table designs for bedrooms and select the one that suits you best.

Top 4 New Model Wooden Dressing Table Ideas

You must exercise caution when choosing your ideal bedroom dressing table, as it serves as a personal place for your skincare routine. It is also an important component of your house décor.

The correct dressing table can help you get rid of all those searches through handbags for your favourite lipstick. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most recent dressing table ideas to glam up your bedroom in 2022.

  1. Wall-mounted dressing table

This wood dressing table has a circular mirror fixed to a sturdy hardwood plank, two corrosion-resistant brass hooks, and three small shelves. It has a modern and inviting appearance. On the shelves, you can put makeup brushes, bottles of perfume, and other grooming and beauty items.

Wall-mounted dressing tables keep your room clutter-free. Mounting your entire dressing cabinet to the wall is a good method to keep your flooring clear. In the drawer, you can simply store your cosmetics. For individuals who want a minimalist style, hanging dressing tables that are smaller and lighter are also available.

  1. Vintage wooden dressers

Trends come and go, but a sturdy wood dressing table lasts forever. The majority of new model wooden dressing table ideas for bedrooms have a solid hardwood, floor-standing cabinet and a circular mirror. If you want to do something different, you may use wooden structures with full-length mirrors connected to them.

Along the width of the dresser, place additional studio-style lights or white vanity lights. Create a few slots on the frames and hang them on the wall. Furthermore, the mirror does not necessarily need to be circular. You may give your carpenter some leeway by including some curved cuts into the wood.

  1. Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored cabinets function as your dressing table and provide plenty of storage space. If you enjoy accessories and fragrances, these new model wooden dressing table ideas are ideal.

This modern dressing table design for the bedroom has a spacious and appealing dressing cabinet with full-length glass, many shelves of varying hooks and heights, and two bangle holders. On this dressing table, one can easily store their jewellery, cosmetics, dryer, and bangles.

  1. Wooden table and mirror

This wooden dressing table adds a touch of class to the bedroom space. You may create a minimalist timber motif for your bedroom with this sort of design.

This modern dressing table design for the bedroom is built of premium solid hardwood with an imperial teak finish. This table is fairly sturdy and long-lasting, and the attachment between the mirror and the tabletop maintains its stability. The sleek and curved edges add to its attractiveness and complement a variety of home themes.

These new model wooden dressing table ideas complement the room’s décor and other features. They are also resistant to water, termites, fungi, and scratches.

How To Choose Among The Best Modern Dressing Table Designs For Bedroom

  • The dressing table should align with the demands of the furnishings. Be sure of the number of cabinets you want in the dresser. Before purchasing a dresser, ensure that it includes the mirror you like. Storage capacity and the number of drawers needed for storage should also be on the list.
  • A theme is required in your bedroom so that the décor and furnishings may be centred around it. Consider the items you’ll need in your bedroom as well as the centre piece of furniture. A dresser with a wonderful mirror might improve the bedroom’s attractiveness.
  • When selecting a dressing table, keep your bedroom’s size in mind. Large dressers look great but take up a lot of space, making them difficult to fit in our modern rooms. A sleek dressing table design, on the other hand, might provide you with space to pile additional items alongside the dresser to boost the aesthetic of the room.


The dressing table is a flexible piece of decor that can be used to improve the look and vibe of any room design. You can create a space that is both utilitarian and beautiful by using these easy-dressing table design ideas. If you wish to add space to your bedroom or just have a space to get dressed in the morning, a dressing table is a good choice. 

We hope that our blog article on modern dressing table designs for bedrooms has motivated you to reconsider how you utilise your space and even think about installing a dressing table to simplify your daily life.

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