Best LG 32-Inch LED TVs Below 40,000


With so many television options on the market, it can be difficult to select one that has all of the features you want while remaining reasonably priced. Here’s a list of the best LG 32-inch LED TVs priced below Rs. 40,000:

  1. LG LED 32-inch Smart TV 32LM563BPTC

This television has good picture quality. It also projects colours beautifully. This is one of the best TVs in India to watch movies and TV shows. It has an operating system called WebOS. This helps to access LG Smart TV’s advanced features, like in-built apps, through a graphical user interface. The TV provides two HDMI ports and two speakers, along with WiFi. The display is flat. The device has a warranty of one year. The box contains the television, remote control, batteries, wall mount, user manual, and warranty card.

LG TV 32-inch price: Rs. 12,980

LED screen, also with HD resolutionNo Bluetooth technology
Smart features like screen mirroring and WiFiThe set is 5.1 kg, which is quite heavy, and has a width of 84 mm, which is quite thick.
Smart control with Internet access on the remoteOnly one USB port
  1. LG 32LJ573D 32-inch HD ready Smart LED TV

Unlike the last one, this television is a slim LED. It includes smart features such as WiFi, built-in apps, social media integration, and games. The apps contain Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hotstar, etc. It weighs about 4.5 kg. It supports different audio formats and has one USB port and two HDMI ports. It has a warranty of two years. It is the best TV in India in this price range.

LG TV 32-inch price: Rs. 26,325

HD-ready resolutionDoes not support Bluetooth technology.
Smart TV featuresCan have more features in this price range.
Good sound quality 
  1. LG 32LM636BPTB 32 Inch LED HD-Ready TV

It has a similar resolution to the first two television sets, which is 1366 x 768 pixels. It has a one-year warranty. It has two USB ports that support audio, video, and image files. It is a smart TV with ConnectShare, display mirroring, and screen casting. It also allows one to watch on OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, etc. The box contains a television, remote control, batteries, wall mount, power cord, user manual, and warranty card.

LG TV 32-inch price: Rs. 24,990.

Smart TV featuresNot curved or ultra slim TV
Magic remoteOnly one year warranty
  1. LG 32 Inch HD Ready TV (32LJ573D)

It is one of the best television sets with an LED screen. Its operating system is WebOS which allows full-on entertainment. It has two HDMI ports and one USB port. It contains two speakers with surround sound. The speaker output is 20W. It contains smart TV features, supporting apps including YouTube and Netflix, along with in-built WiFi.

LG TV 32-inch price: Rs. 39,499.

Five video modes: 1:9, Original, 4:3, Vertical Zoom, and All Direction ZoomNo touch remote
Smart remote with WebOSNo headphone jack
Good sound qualityToo expensive
  1. LG 32 Inch LED HD Ready TV (32LF595B)It is a sleek LED-screen television. It is an HD-ready set with WiFi Direct. It contains two HDMI ports, along with two USB ports. The sound technology is Dolby Digital Decoder. It also has two speakers with an output of 10W. It has good video features.LG TV 32-inch price: Rs. 31,190. Pros ConsSmart TV featuresIt is heavy—about 6 kg.In-built WiFiThe sound output is 10 watts which is lowIt has in-built appsDoesn’t have WebOS and has fewer features for the price
    6. LG 32 Inch LED Full HD TV (RS232)
    It has an amazing resolution of 1920 x 1080 (full HD resolution). It has one HDMI and one USB port, along with in-built WiFi. It also has smart features. It has two speakers with an output of 20W. It is one of the best TVs in India in terms of features and pricing.LG TV 32-inch price: Rs. 22,700ProsConsSmart TV featuresIt has only one HDMI and one USB portFull HDNo touch remoteIn-built WiFi 
  1. LG 32 Inch LED HD Ready TV (32LX330C)It is a LED TV with basic features. It contains one HDMI and two USB ports. It contains a headphone jack that comes with Dolby Digital Decoder technology. It has a one-year warranty. As it is not a smart TV, it does not contain WebOS or in-built WiFi.LG TV 32-inch price: Rs. 38,400 ProsConsHD-ready resolutionNot a smart TVGood sound qualityDoesn’t have in-built apps or WiFiHas an aspect ratio of 16:9Too few features for the price
  1. LG 32 Inch LED Full HD TV (32LV3730)
    It has an amazing sound quality with infinite 3D surround, five sound modes, and Dolby Digital Decoder technology. It includes a magic motion remote with smart features. It comes with a USB port and WiFi. It is a full HD television. This is one of the best TVs in India with in-built apps like Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, YouTube, etc. It uses the WebOS operating system, which has game features. LG TV 32-inch price: Rs. 46,990. ProsConsExcellent sound qualityLimited in-built storageSmart TV features plus WiFiApp support is not greatFull HD resolution  

9. LG32LQ63

It is a system with HDR support based on the WebOS platform. It is one of the most affordable television sets. It has two HDMI ports. It has wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth, WiFi, mirror cast, and Apple Airplay. It uses WebOS 2022 with new features like multiple user profiles. It has good resolution with clear pictures as it possesses full HD resolution. The sound quality does not seem great for a cinema-like experience. This is one of the best TVs in India, with the sort of resolution and features it comes with.

LG TV 32-inch price: Rs. 31,490

Full HD resolutionSound quality is average
Wireless connectivity and Smart WebOS platformThe remote does not have enough spacing between the buttons
Magic remoteOnly one USB port

Overall Takeaway

Most LG TV 32-inch prices are between Rs. 20,000 to 40,000. They have key features like Smart TV, the WebOS platform, HD-ready resolution, speakers, and an output of 20W. Most also have in-built WiFi. However, few television sets lack certain features according to their price range.

The takeaway is to choose a television that suits the customers’ needs. It should have most of the features, such as good sound quality coupled with a clear resolution and an affordable price range.

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