Best Inverters For Homes In India in 2022


An inverter is usually the go-to solution to the issue of frequent power failures in your house. You should buy a high-quality inverter for your home if you reside in an area with frequent power cuts or excessive power fluctuations.

We have compiled a list to assist you in selecting the best inverter for homes because the marketplace is overflowing with inverters from numerous manufacturers. However, before we get to the list, let’s go through some of the basics. The inverter is a device that changes DC electricity into a power supply for devices suited for AC power supply.

How Does An Inverter Work?

As mentioned, the inverter converts a DC power source into AC and then transforms the output voltage. Pure sinewave inverters create the waveform in this connection to suit the power supply at the endpoint. Although some inverters only produce an approximate sine wave, referred to as modified sinewave

Advantages Of Using A Home Inverter

  1. Intelligent characteristics

With the development of technology, inverters now come with Bluetooth and WiFi compatibility. They are readily available in the market. These features enable users to link the inverter with a smartphone application. These applications are simple to download. Such connectivity features make it easy for the user to obtain data. Readings, recharging information, battery information, etc., are at your fingertips.

  1. Effectiveness and reliability

The best inverters for homes must have both efficiency and endurance. It should provide optimal performance and have a long lifespan. Here, purchasing from a trusted manufacturer ensures the user gets the best inverter for their home.

  1. Compatible with high power needs

A house inverter needs to be able to handle the energy needs of the household during an outage. Make a list of all the appliances required to keep running during outages. Calculate the power capacity of the inverter accordingly. It helps with the Ah (Ampere Hour) rating, representing the Inverter’s capacity.

Best Inverter for Home In India

Some of the best inverters for domestic use in India are listed below:

  1. Luminous Zelio+ 1100/12V

This inverter from Luminous is a pure sinewave one. It features a powerful 32-bit DSP. This technology optimises batteries by calculating the backup and charging time. It also packs an LED display showing the backup time, setting time, mode, battery water level, and more.

The Inverter has two modes. In UPS mode, the Inverter maintains the output voltage. The voltage range remains 180 V to 260 V to protect sensitive appliances and electronics. In Eco mode, the battery consumption is reduced to increase backup time. It can run one refrigerator, three fans, two tube lights, or 4 CFLs with zero noise level.

  1. Microtek UPS EB 900VA/12V

The Smart Overload Sense capability is a function of this Inverter. It automatically turns the UPS off in case of an overload. It resets itself when the load is reduced. An in-built circuit breaker is one of the extra safety precautions to protect electrical equipment. The regular voltage range is from 100 V to 300 V. The restricted voltage range is from180 V to 260 V. Both are selectable by users. It is a squarewave type inverter. It has a load capacity of 4 fans and 4 lights or 3 fans with 3 lights and 1 TV.

  1. Luminous Zolt 1100 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This pure sinewave inverter has a 32-bit DSP microprocessor. This technology recharges the battery pack efficiently. Another feature is a safety alert. This system alerts the users in the event of a short circuit, incorrect wiring, battery overcharging, load surge, and low batteries. An auxiliary MCB is also present to safeguard devices. This protects from overload and short circuits. This Inverter can power 1 LED TV, 3 LED bulbs, 3 fans, and 1 refrigerator.

  1. Microtek UPS SW EB1100

It is a pure sinewave inverter by Microtek. The manufacturer says that the device promotes quiet, secure, and efficient functioning. The inverter has a switch for choosing the output voltages. The conventional voltage range is from 100 V to 300 V. The restricted voltage range is from180 V to 260 V. Both are available to users. It can power 5 fans, 5 lights and 2 TVs.

  1. V-Guard Prime 1150 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This V-Guard Inverter is a pure sinewave one. It comes with a high-performance selector switch. It allows users to adjust the inverter’s power output. According to specific needs, a battery gravity builder is also available for use in the inverter. This helps to maintain battery life and extend backup time. It also notifies customers when it is time to fill the cells with distilled water. It can power 2 LED TVs, 4 fans, 8 LED bulbs, and 1 refrigerator.

Final takeaway

Inverters are available in a lot of varieties. Nowadays, they come with different load levels and safety features. Calculate your utilisation at home, and then choose which inverter suits your needs best.

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