Best Formal Dresses For Women In 2022


Dressing up for an interview for a large conglomerate and feeling like there’s nothing to wear is not an uncommon feeling. Wearing something that would be suitable for such a professional affair is important. Fret not; putting together a nice formal look for women is not such a difficult task. With a few suggestions and accessories tips, there’s nothing to worry about. Outfits are like an extension of our personality and must shine through when going for a professional affair.

Choosing formal wear for women is difficult because, for many, movies and trends are their best inspiration for fashion. But that will not suit here. That’s why today we have put together a list of some of the best formal dresses for women in 2022. We will divide this section into three. One for Indian formal wear, the second for formal Western wear, and the last for accessories. With that said, let’s get started.

Indian Formal Attire for Women

  • Sarees

One can never go wrong with a Saree. The iconic Indian attire, Saree is accepted as formal wear in every office nationwide. But that’s not to say that all Sarees are acceptable. There are fancy Sarees and such that wouldn’t be acceptable, but a Saree draped in a standard manner will be perfectly acceptable. Also, putting the pallu over the shoulders would make it even more appropriate. So, what types of Sarees are acceptable and what are not? Well, as long as the Saree is in light and solid colours, it’s fine. Sarees with bright neon-like colours or bright prints are to be avoided.

  • Salwar Sets

Salwar sets are not only formal but also very comfortable; perfect for situations where an interviewee would have to wait for hours before their turn for the interview. A salwar set is a two-piece outfit that can be mixed and matched to get that perfect look. This can mix and match different patterns, colours, and even the fittings of the fabric. The same rule goes for salwar as for Salwar sets, with no bright colours or eccentric designs. A simple and minimalistic design works perfectly fine.

  • Kurtas

Kurtas also provide a very formal look, just like how it is for salwar sets, but the best thing about Kurtas is that they can be paired with anything from formal pants to leggings to jeggings. But it goes to say that it would probably be best if really short Kurtas or tight leggings were avoided. The whole point of wearing Kurtas to a professional affair is that it has to be presentable and elegant, so body-hugging tight kurtas are to be avoided. So, lightweight, minimalistic and light-coloured Kurtas are perfect. Also, Kurtas are often considered one of the best formal dresses for women in 2022.

Western Formal Attire for Women

  • Solid Shirts and Trousers

Want to create a perfect formal look? Well, one can never go wrong with the classic look of a formal shirt and a trouser. It’s an iconic dress that embodies the “I’m ready for anything” attitude. A simple shirt and trousers combo must be in every woman’s wardrobe. Just ensure that the trousers are not too tight.

  • Formal Blouses

A formal blouse is a great outfit paired with a pencil skirt or trousers. It provides a smart yet formal office outfit look that can be pulled off easily. Go for solid or pastel shades, so long as it is not too bright. Match it with either a round neck cut or a collar cut.

  • Blazers

Blazers are not just a fashion statement. It can also be the best formal attire for an interview or even a business meeting, so long as it is not a leather blazer. One can pair it with a shirt, or a formal blouse or even colour-match it with trousers to get the perfect formal look. One can even go with a Navy Blue Blazer if they have a Navy Blue troubler, which will complete the look.

  • Skirts

At long last, we arrive at skirts, an attire that exhibits class and confidence. Pair it with a formal blouse or a shirt, and the classic attire is achieved. It is recommended that the skirt is knee length or below to achieve the perfect office look and feel.

  • Dresses

Maybe skirts and formal blouses are not everybody’s thing, but a formal dress is perfect. It’s a one-piece attire that combines the essence of elegance and class in the same attire. Just make sure there aren’t any bright patterns or spotted prints.


  • For Indian Formal Attire

Textured Slip-Ons w/ block heels are perfect for any Indian attire, whether that’s a Saree or a Salwar set. One can pair the attire with a formal clutch that complements it in all the right ways. Also, for carrying some hard documents, classic handbags are perfect. With accessories, wear the best formal wear for women in the most elegant way.

  • For Western Formal Attire

To pull off the western formal look, get a great pair of shoes, and nothing can ever go wrong with Bellies, which is an elegant pair of shoes. One can also go with leather pumps and shoes with solid colours. Also, get a watch to complete the look, just a round dial watch in either silver or gold.


When it comes to formal attire, one can go with either Indian style or western, there are plenty of options to choose from, and none is greater than the other. It’s all about what goes best with what. So, don’t hesitate to experiment.

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