Best Air Coolers To Buy Online This Season


When it comes to beating the heat, air conditioners are the first to come to mind. Despite being in high demand, however, one cannot deny the high costs that come along with them, both in terms of the retail price and the electricity bills that follow. 

Water air coolers are, therefore, the perfect alternative to beating rising temperatures at a much more affordable price. The bills also go easy on your wallet. On top of it all, most of them are portable and are much kinder to the environment, as they primarily use water and ice as a means to keep your homes cool. 

With summers a long way off, now would be the best time to buy air coolers for your home at reduced costs.

Understand your Requirements

Before buying a cooler, there are three things to consider.

i) Capacity: Air coolers have various capacities, usually denoted in litres. This capacity indicates the amount of water it can hold. It also indicates the time it can run without a refill.

ii) Cooling medium: Most air coolers use a Honeycomb cooling medium. Otherwise, it’s a Wood Wool technology.

iii) Power: The fan blades’ size and torque condition the power requirements of your cooler. Smaller coolers need less power. But large coolers use up more.

Based on these, we have curated a list of the best air coolers in the online market.

Small-Capacity Air Coolers

Small-capacity air coolers are best for smaller rooms. Are you looking for an air cooler for your bedroom or a small hall? Here are the best options:

1. Symphony Diet 12T 12L Personal Air Cooler 

The Symphony Diet 12T 12L Personal Air Cooler works great. The system takes up less space and consumes less power. It offers efficient cooling. 

Key Features
Capacity12 L
Cooling TechnologyHoneycomb medium
Size30 cm x 33 cm x 84 cm
Power Consumption170 W
Build QualityWhite plastic body

Price: Rs.6,269

2. Symphony Diet 3D 30i Portable Tower Air Cooler 

This tower air cooler is best for homes in hot and dry regions. With a capacity of 30 L, it has a great form factor. It’s power-efficient and consumes much less electricity. The air cooler uses a dura-pump technology in its water pump. This decreases the chances of damaged pumps. 

Key Features
Capacity30 L 
Cooling TechnologyHoneycomb medium
Size33.8 cm x 36 cm x 93.2 cm
Power Consumption110 W
Build QualityWhite plastic body

Price: Rs. 8,590

3. Symphony ICE Cube 27 Litres Personal Air Cooler 

It is one of the best personal coolers in this segment. It has multiple filters that protect against microbes, dust, and allergies. It comes with a dura-pump technology to ensure longevity. It consumes only 95 W of power. That’s why it’s extremely energy-efficient. This is perfect for rooms up to 16 sq. metres.

Key Features
Capacity27 L
Cooling TechnologyHoneycomb medium
Size30.5 cm x 45 cm x 83.1 cm
Power Consumption95 W
Build QualityWhite/Blue plastic body

Price: Rs. 6,849

4. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Personal Air Cooler

With a capacity of 36 L, the Bajaj Platini PX97 is ideal for medium-sized rooms. This is a personal air cooler with impressive turbo-fan technology and a 30-feet air throw. 

Key Features
Capacity36 L
Cooling TechnologyHoneycomb medium
Size43.5 cm x 45.5 cm x 82 cm
Power Consumption100W
Build QualityWhite plastic body

Price: Rs. 5,849

Large-Capacity Air Coolers

If you have big rooms like a hall, check out these best air coolers in this category. You can buy these online. 

5. Orient Electric CD5003H Desert Air Cooler

This has a 50 L capacity and an impressive build factor. Both of these factors ensure optimal cooling for all your large home needs. The Orient Electric CD5003H is an ideal air cooler with Honeycomb cooling technology. It has an impressive air throw of 3650 cubic metres/hour.

Key Features
Capacity50 L
Cooling TechnologyHoneycomb medium
Size42.6 cm x 65 cm x 112 cm
Power Consumption190 W
Build QualityGrey/Orange plastic body

Price: Rs. 12,790

6. Kenstar Cool Grande 60 Litres Desert Air Cooler 

The Kenstar desert cooler has a big capacity of 60 L. It is great for keeping your large rooms cool on hot days. With a longer running time, it offers powerful air delivery. It has a coverage area of around 500 sq. ft. 

Key Features
Capacity60 L
Cooling TechnologyHoneycomb medium
Size44.5 cm x 63.5 cm x 108.8 cm
Power Consumption200 W
Build QualityWhite plastic body

Price: Rs. 10,499

7. Bajaj DMH 65 Neo 65L 

It has a capacity of 65 L coupled with antibacterial technology, which makes it a favourite. The Honeycomb cooling system makes the Bajaj DMH 65 Neo an excellent choice. It comes with a powerful 90 feet air throw and has an average operating rate of 4100 cubic meters/hour.

Key Features
Capacity12 L
Cooling TechnologyHoneycomb medium
Size47 cm x 65.5 cm x 109 cm
Power Consumption195 W
Build QualityWhite/Blue plastic body

Price: Rs. 10,899

8. Crompton Optimus 65L Desert Cooler (TOI)

If you want to cool a larger room, you need something with higher air delivery. The Crompton Optimus has a 65 L capacity with an air delivery rate of 5500 cubic meters/hour. It also offers humidity control.

Key Features
Capacity65 L
Cooling TechnologyHoneycomb medium
Size43 cm x 44 cm x 66 cm
Power Consumption200 W
Build QualityPurple/White plastic body

Price: Rs. 10,599

Final Thoughts

These next few months being off-season might be the best time to buy an air cooler to brace for the summer heat next year. Keep the parameters of capacity, cooling medium, and power in mind, and then choosing the right cooler should be easy. If you’re looking for financing options to buy your air cooler, Piramal Finance has several options, such as personal loans, that would be useful. Head over to Piramal Finance’s website for more details on the same.