Personal Loan

Benefits of Taking a Personal Loan for Big Purchases


Getting an instant personal loan can help individuals grow. A personal loan can help people reach their financial goals, such as building a house, buying a car, going on vacation, etc.

Moving forward with these loans is challenging because many people doubt the process.

This article has all the information needed to start the loan process. It will explain why one should choose a personal loan and how to avoid making mistakes.

First, let’s talk about what a personal loan is.

What is a Personal Loan? 

A personal loan requires little or no paperwork and doesn’t need to be backed by anything. An individual can get a personal loan when they need money quickly. However, like any other loan, it must be paid back according to the terms set by the bank. A loan is usually paid back in equal monthly payments for a few months to a few years. It is not difficult to apply for a personal loan.

Reasons to Get a Personal Loan

Before getting a personal loan, one should consider how much money they have. A personal loan lets people pay for a big purchase they cannot afford. These include the following:

Refurnishing: Personal loans are the best way to pay for home repairs, so people should apply for them.

Costs of moving: An individual can get a personal loan if they need more money to move.

Traveling: A personal loan might not be needed for a trip. But if someone wants to go to another country or stay somewhere nice, they might need a personal loan.

Wedding Expenses: There is no doubt that weddings cost a lot these days. A personal loan can help someone pay for expensive things like designer clothes and fancy events.

Advantages of Taking Out Personal Loans

There are many benefits to getting a personal loan, such as:

  • No risks to assets: 

An individual gets a loan based on assets and credit history. This means that one can borrow large sums of money without risking their assets. For a person to qualify, it would help to have a good profile and credit score.

  • Easy ways to pay back: 

The length of loans from central banks ranges from one to five years. A personal loan can be paid back without a lot of trouble. By comparing EMI options, one should choose the one that is best for them.

  • Improves credit score: 

A person’s credit score can increase if they pay their EMIs on time. This shows that they can handle different kinds of loans and gives them a complete credit record.

Disadvantages of Taking Out a Personal Loan

Before receiving a personal loan, one must be informed of its pros and cons.

Higher interest rate: The interest rates on personal loans are not always the lowest. People with bad credit have to pay more interest than those with good credit.

Additional requirements: Personal loans have stricter rules than other ways to get money. Fewer lenders are willing to work with someone who has bad credit or a limited financial history. Lenders do not accept funders, which makes it more likely that someone with a low credit score will be accepted.

Extra payment every month: When an individual gets a personal loan, they must make a new monthly payment. If they do not watch out, this can hurt his budget in the long run. Applying for a personal loan leads to monthly payments and can affect an individual’s budget badly.

Debt Burden: Personal loans can be used to pay off other debts, such as credit card bills. However, they do not deal with the problems that led to the debt in the first place. When an individual uses a personal loan to pay off credit cards, their credit limit increases. It allows people who spend too much to pay more fees instead of getting rid of their debt.

Payment Extensions: No rule says you have to pay off the balance by the due date, and the monthly payments are low. Personal loans have longer periods to be paid back and higher fixed monthly payments.


Getting a personal loan is not an easy task. A personal loan has benefits and disadvantages, which were discussed in this article. One must evaluate all the pros and cons to make critical financial decisions.

A personal loan can help someone meet their financial needs and achieve their goals. They can also improve credit scores and be accessed without risking assets. However, there are also disadvantages to taking out loans, such as debt burden, higher interest rates, and additional requirements. Therefore, people should plan carefully before getting a personal loan.

Making the wrong choice about the amount and length of a loan can have terrible consequences. Get a hassle-free instant personal loan with Piramal’s customizable loan services.