Benefits Of FASTag And How To Get One


There are hundreds of cars are parked at toll plazas on national roads, waiting to pay the toll before continuing on their route. Paying the toll with cash and getting a ticket is often exceedingly sluggish and time-consuming.

For hassle-free travel on public roads, FASTag is the ideal answer. Currently, FASTag is active at more than 420 toll booths on state and federal roadways. In the future, more toll booths are anticipated to be included in the FASTag programme.

The toll charge is taken from the prepaid account connected to the FASTag. After the tag account is operational, the tag is attached to the vehicle’s windshield using Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The FASTag scheme promises to expand its network of toll booths over time and to operate completely cashlessly across India.

Advantages Of FASTag

Some FASTag features and benefits include: 

  • Time-SavingThe time people wait at toll booths drastically decreased when FASTags were introduced. Since you don’t need to stop at a toll plaza to pay the toll fees, you save a lot of time and fuel.
  • Simple to RechargeThe easy online recharging option of a FASTag is one of its most significant advantages. You may connect your FASTag to your bank account. Make sure there is enough money in your bank account to cover the toll payments. An NHAI wallet is another option for paying the toll costs. This prepaid wallet may be reloaded using many methods, including NEFT, UPI, debit cards, checks, and online banking.
  • Five Years is the Validity PeriodFive years are the long-term validity of a FASTag. During this time, you may take advantage of cashless toll payments without constantly buying fresh ones. Remember that your bank account must be operational, or the amount in your NHAI wallet must be adequate.
  • Simple Registration ProceduresThe FASTag registration procedure is straightforward. To sign up for a FASTag, go to a bank, a few stores, or a Point of Sale (PoS) facility at a toll plaza. Visit the website of any of the top FASTag issuing banks to register online instead.
  • Environment-FriendlyBecause FASTags don’t need receipts or cash, they have removed the need for paper. Additionally, you consume less fuel since you don’t have to spend much time in a toll plaza line.
  • Keeping Tabs on Your SpendingYou will be notified through email and your registered cell phone number when the toll charge is taken out of your bank account or prepaid wallet. The FASTag platform also allows users to verify FASTag assertions. As a result, you can keep track of the money you spend at toll booths.
  • You May Use a Monthly Travel Pass: If you travel often, you can use an online method to upgrade your monthly pass to a FASTag pass.

How To Use FASTag?

  • Purchase a FASTagGetting a FASTag for your automobile is the first step. By bringing your ID and the registration papers for your automobile, you may physically purchase one at several toll plazas around India. Even banks and other websites like Paytm and others sell FASTags. The FASTag may be pre-linked with your bank account for simple later recharging if you purchase it from the bank.
  • Adding the FASTag balance After then, you must pay for the FASTag. Depending on the seller you choose to purchase from, different costs for the FASTag may be applicable. FASTag will cost you around Rs 500 if you get it through Paytm, for instance. This sum consists of Rs. 100 for the tag, Rs. 250 for a refundable security deposit, and Rs. 150 for your FASTag’s first recharging.The Paytm-issued tag has a minimum barrier of Rs 150 as well. However, if you choose to purchase from HDFC Bank, the price of the tag is Rs 400; this sum consists of Rs 100 for the tag, Rs 100 for a reissue, and Rs 200 for a security deposit. In addition, HDFC Bank has set a minimum barrier of Rs 100 to keep your account active. Not just that. Every time you use this, you’ll also get cashback. Issuers of FASTags sometimes make these offers.
  • Filling Up the FASTag BalanceThe next step is to recharge the FASTag’s balance. You may use your bank account to recharge the FASTag by logging onto the payment system of the bank that issued it.Alternatively, if you purchased it using Paytm, you may recharge your associated Paytm account, and the amount will be taken out each time you cross a toll booth on a public road. Additionally, you may download the “My FASTag” app and recharge your FASTag there using the UPI.

How To Buy And Recharge A FASTag?

  • Digital FASTags FASTags may be ordered online from the websites of Issuer Banks, NHAI, and IHMCL, and the courier will deliver them to the buyer’s door.
  • Mobile ApplicationMy FASTag is a consumer app in the App Store for iOS and Android devices. On this app, users may buy or recharge FASTags. Additionally, the app offers online grievance resolution and transaction tracking.
  • POS Users may also establish tag accounts by going to any Point of Sale (POS) facilities of the authorised issuing banks in Toll Plazas or Banks’ sales offices. Twenty-three banks permit the issuance of FASTag in the public and private sectors. Consumers may call the Issuing Bank Customer Care lines to find the nearest POS station. Users must bring the original and a duplicate of their KYC papers to the POS or Sales office location. It’s crucial to bring the car to the POS or sale office so you can buy the FASTag.

Summing Up

The Government of India established the FASTag to alleviate the inconvenience of standing in a lengthy line at a toll plaza. A FASTag is a reloadable tag placed on your car’s windshield and automatically deducts the toll money to allow for rapid and simple vehicle passage over the tolls.

To read more about FASTag, visit the Piramal Finance website.