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Benefits of applying for a personal loan this Christmas festival at Piramal Finance


Christmas is the time for celebrations with your loved ones. Money should not be the reason to deny joy to yourself, your friends, and your family. Instead, festivals are the best opportunity to get more for less. There are discounts everywhere. Yet, the purchases may be over your budget.

If so, consider applying for a personal loan for Christmas at Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Limited. Has it been a long time since your last vacation? Is your home in need of renovation? Is the way to make this Christmas special unaffordable? Your dreams are possible. You can do what you desire this festive season.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a form of borrowing. It is easy to get and friendly to your needs. It is unsecured. The need for documentation is less. The processing is fast. There are various benefits to getting one.

Let’s assess why you might want a personal loan for Christmas. The process is not difficult. The loans are not expensive. The system of repayment is flexible. Further, there is no need to furnish security, only documentation. Even more, you can begin your financial planning with a personal loan for Christmas. You can also build your necessary credit score.

Getting a personal loan for Christmas is easy

The documentation required is not excessive. So it would not take much time out of your day to get the required proof ready. All you need is your PAN Card along with proof of your address and income. You can also club your income with your spouse for the eligibility of getting larger loans. Your co-applicant needs the same documentation as well. You can get a personal loan for Christmas. Either alone or together with your spouse. It would be easy to do so either way.

Personal loans are affordable

There are no pre-payments. There is no foreclosure charge either. The interest rates start at an annual 12.99%. Other expenses in the process are as per norms under the law of India. Thus, applying for a personal loan for Christmas can be easy on your wallet in the long term. You can make this festival special in ways it has never been before.

A personal loan does not mean getting less

Personal loans don’t have to always be small amounts. Even if they can be. There is a comfortable range of finance you can access. It begins at INR 1,00,000 (Rupees One Lakh) and can go up to INR 1,000,000 (Rupees Ten Lakh). A personal loan for Christmas can ensure you can cover anything from shopping expenses to trips abroad.

You do not need to disclose what the loan is for

Festivals are expensive in unexpected ways. There is no need to justify. We understand that you may have many smaller expenses. Or you may have fewer larger expenses. Either way, there is freedom for you to do what you want to do. A personal loan for Christmas has no strings attached to your happiness.

The process of applying is speedy

As a result of the ease of this process, sanctioning of loans is quite fast. After the sanction, there is an immediate disbursal of the amount. This way, you can get a personal loan for Christmas with short notice for those last-minute expenses. You could get the amount beforehand to prepare yourself for the extra expenses.

There is no hurry to pay the loan back

Getting a personal loan for Christmas does not mean paying it back during the festive season. Similar to the range of amounts, there is a range for the repayment as well. It extends from twelve (12) months to sixty (60) months. The repayment process will not unnecessarily burden you.

No need to set your property as collateral

Personal loans do not need you to submit objects of value as security. You can rest assured that you won’t have to let go of anything you own for this money. Ensure that you can keep paying the loan back at your own pace. Unlike most other forms of debt, a personal loan for Christmas is different. You can relax without any fear hanging over your head.

It would help with building your credit history

These days credit is inescapable. Often, people such as you may be off guard. If you can pay the loan off in the time prescribed, it makes the process easier for your future loans. This could be the beginning of your journey with credit. Why not start with a celebration? A personal loan for Christmas is perfect to begin this journey.

You should begin your financial planning today

Finance seems hard. It is not though. Yet, the process of building up your financial system is long-term. You can begin with a personal loan for Christmas. With this, you will get your well-deserved celebration. It will also help you set up your future.

The ease of a personal loan is unlike any other. It could be a stepping stone on your journey to understand finances. The repayment process is out of your own needs. You have the flexibility to take your time and understand what is going on. All this while building up a better understanding of the credit system.

Final thoughts

A personal loan for Christmas may seem difficult. We have explained why that is far from the truth. Not only are the loans easy to get, but also not expensive. The process does not need you to go out of your way. Instead, you can feel comfortable with the process and build your credit score in the process. Your loved ones will be happy. I

f you need any more help with your financial decisions, we are here only to help. We have other posts describing financial situations as well. You can seek more information on or apply for a personal loan for Christmas.