Beginners Guide To Generate New ATM Pin

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Account holders can easily get a new ATM PIN from most banks today. All you need to do is to go to the bank’s ATM. Then, you can easily get your pin using a registered cellphone number. You can also do it through the net banking portal or mobile banking services. 

This process is useful for every account holder to create an ATM PIN and change it when necessary. When a person opens an account, they might acquire a debit card and an ATM PIN.


An ATM PIN is just a 4-digit number necessary to make transactions at an ATM. Banks initially give this PIN to ATM card users, but they should change it and keep it secret. You can alter and make a new PIN for your ATM card whenever and as often as you want.

PIN stands for “Personal Identification Number.” Each ATM card has its PIN. This new ATM PIN code makes sure that the transactions are being done by the card owners and are, therefore, real. 

Various uses of ATM PIN

Most of us think we only need a new ATM PIN to do financial things like get cash, swipe a card, etc. But your PIN can also be used to prove who you are. The PIN can be used in many ways, whether you are accessing an ATM or the internet. For instance, you could use the PIN to stop a check from being paid or block an account. 

You can also change your address, phone number, or email address, or order a new chequebook. You can use your PIN to prove who you are in all of these situations. The PIN is an additional layer of security to verify your identity. Your card could be in the hands of anyone, but only you must recognise the PIN that goes with it.

Making a new ATM PIN for an ATM Card

When a bank gives someone a new ATM card, they give them an ATM PIN that they can use to log in. They tell the owner of the cards to make a new ATM PIN that only they know. This ensures that the ATM card used to get cash or do other online transactions is safe. One can get an ATM PIN in several ways, such as via SMS, online banking, or ATM.

In general, there are two ways to get an ATM PIN. One way is to get a paper mailer, and the other is to get a Green PIN. Green PIN lets you set up your ATM through SMS and online banking.

How to create a new ATM PIN at a Bank’s ATM?

Go to the closest ATM of the bank where the person has an account. Enter the ATM card into the ATM and choose “Change PIN” or “Generate ATM PIN.” There are three ways to verify an account holder’s identity, depending on the bank:

  • Account holders might be asked to input the temporary ATM PIN. The bank provided them with this PIN when they created an account or sent it later.
  • Account holders also can confirm using OTP authentication. The OTP goes to the registered phone number. Input the OTP just at the ATM to modify the PIN or make a new one.
  • Account holders may need to input their mobile number and account details to generate a PIN.

Once the account holder’s request is confirmed, he or she can set the new ATM PIN as needed.

How to produce a new ATM PIN through Net Banking?

Account holders can use the net banking platform to create the Green PIN. For this service to be offered, the debit card’s account holder must have internet banking. Obey these steps to create the new ATM PIN by using the net banking portal:

  • Use the password and username given to get into the online banking website.
  • Select the account that the account holder wants the ATM PIN to be made for.
  • Then click the “ATM Card Services” option.
  • Click “Generate New ATM”.
  • Type in the preferred ATM PIN.
  • After that, an OTP will be texted to the registered phone number for verification.
  • Once a request is verified, the account owner can use their new ATM PIN.

Account holders can also use mobile banking to create an ATM PIN.

Other ways to create a new ATM PIN

There are other ways that every account holder can get a new ATM PIN:

  • Call the customer service number of a bank where an account holder has an account.
  • You can acquire the ATM PIN by texting the specified code (for SMS Banking).
  • Account holders can also go to the nearest bank to ask for an ATM PIN.

What’s the utility of an ATM PIN?

ATM PINs are 4-digit codes unique to each cardholder’s ATM or debit card. It ensures that all cash withdrawals, POS, and online transactions are safe. The transaction is finished only after the cardholder inputs the correct PIN. This makes it less likely that a fraudulent transaction will happen.


After the bank offers you an ATM card or interim PIN, make a new ATM PIN. This makes it safer because you are the only one who knows your new PIN. You must update your PIN periodically for security, so if someone discovers it, they can’t use your ATM card. You can only get cash out of an ATM or buy something online if you input the right PIN. 

If multiple wrong attempts exist, the card could be stopped for 24 hours to stop fraud. Even if the card is misplaced, no one can use the ATM without the PIN. But if you lose the card, you should block it right away.

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