All you need to know about NSC calculator 2022 

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The government has started a Tax Relief scheme that will help medium and small-scale lenders. The lenders will invest and save for the future. The money will be invested for 5 years. They can put money in any bank or post office. For this, they will get a certificate on their savings. They can take relief with section 80C in a Tax return.

Experts are available for NSC Calculation. They will help with the calculation. The government has made it easier for people living in villages to save their money in post offices. Let’s further understand the calculation of the NSC and SWP Calculator.

Benefits of an NSC Calculator 

Calculating NSC interest amounts can be very time-consuming

  • First, you will add interest for 6 months in the actual amount 
  • After five years, interest and principal will be paid

NSC Calculator will help you calculate your unpaid amount. 

The benefits of the NSC Interest Calculator are

  •  Ease of Use: An NSC Calculator is easy to use. You can enter the amount, click on calculate and the result appears

  • Time-Saving: The National Savings Certificate Calculator saves you time. No manual work is required, the calculator does the math
  • Precision: NSC calculators are always correct and precise

  • Plan for the Future: You can accurately plan your future finances

  • The NSC calculator returns the exact amount of invested money for 5 years
  • Free Use: NPC calculator is free of cost. You can use it as many times as you need

Characteristics of the National Savings Certificate (NSC) 

  • Small Investment: NSC accepts investments of Rs 100 and above. It makes it easy to invest
  • Bonds: NSC guarantees returns to you on your amount saved. You can expect a regular income
  • Compounding Power: You can reinvest the interest earned. Interest can be earned in the same period
  • Amount after maturity: Account holders receive the total amount on maturity. There is no TDS for NPC payments. However, interest is taxable

How Can I Get Money As My NSC Matures? 

Money can be withdrawn only when it matures. You can also choose to redeposit it in the bank. When you redeposit money, it will yield interest. Interest will be the same for two years. After that, there is no return on investment.  

Is It Possible to Cancel Before the Due Date? 

You cannot withdraw from the National Savings Certificate. It cannot be done before maturity. Early withdrawals are allowed only in the case of death. One can take money by court order.

What is the Tax Form for Investing in NPCs? 

Investments in NSCs can get tax relief under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Interest earned during the period is added to the initial investment. It is also tax-free. 

For example, if you invest ₹10,000 in NSC for one year, the same year’s tax relief can be earned. 

From Year 2, tax claims plus interest will be added. Amount invested in last year will be earned in the current year. The tax is not deducted at source (TDS) on NPC investment. However, you must pay taxes based on income tax for any unpaid amount.

Short Note on Systematic Withdrawal Plan and SWP Calculator 

A Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) works differently than a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). This plan allows you to invest and withdraw fixed amounts side by side. You can choose the amount, intervals, and duration of the SWP according to your needs.  

How to Use the SWP Calculator? 

The SWP calculator will help you to know the amount and calculation time.

Step to use :

  • Enter the total amount saved
  • Enter monthly drawings from mutual funds
  • You must state the expected rate of return
  • Then enter the period of investment
  • SWP Calculator will show you the total
  • It gives the final value of your investment.

Advantages of SWP Calculator 

You can use the SWP calculator to calculate monthly income and income earned from saving. You can try out different withdrawal amounts in the calculator. It will show you your unpaid amount. SWP calculator enables you to calculate surplus SWP.

SWP program – When to opt for SWP?

SWP is the best retirement plan. Most people prefer old methods of savings. You can opt for old ways of investing capital. The amount received after retirement is saved. These old ways are taxable. SWP provides you with a tax relief way to get income. It allows retired individuals to earn. You can benefit from saving money.

SWP is for individuals who retire. It is also for those with a family to look after. Education, travelling and finances are reasons for choosing the SWP.


All the schemes help people to save. Legal people assist them in investing. Anyone can invest and get benefits. Often, the lenders are in doubt about the money invested. How will they save? That is why the Government has introduced the NSC calculator and SWP Calculator. To know more about these calculators, visit the Piramal Finance website. It will help you know more about other products and services, especially credit cards and personal loans, as well.