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All You Need To Know About Different Tenures Of Personal Loan At Piramal Finance


If you need financial help, a personal loan might be a good solution. Personal loans can also be used to help yourself in unforeseen circumstances, such as a health crisis. A personal loan is a type of unsecured loan. An individual can apply for a loan from a bank or other financial organisation. Small payments called equated monthly instalments (EMI) are made by the borrower to pay it back. The loan balance is set over a fixed period, which is known as the personal loan tenure.

Personal loan tenure

You have the option of selecting a term length for your personal loan. However, it must be between 12 and 60 months. Your loan EMIs are customised based on your income, credit history, demands, the loan’s length, amount, and interest rate. Additionally, your age and current job are also considered. As a result, when determining loan terms, you must keep these primary considerations in mind.

Since most of these loans are considered “unsecured,” the borrower’s property is not at risk of being liquidated in the event of nonpayment. Lenders will be taking on a slightly higher risk, while borrowers will be experiencing less risk as a result of this arrangement. Despite this, the sector has recently expanded at a CAGR of 17%. Over the past couple of years, it has been responsible for a considerable share of the yearly incremental credit across key industries. This suggests that personal loans are becoming a very attractive form of personal financing.

Like any other loan, a personal loan requires careful consideration before being requested. There is a close relationship between the length of your loan, EMIs, and the total amount to be paid back to the lender.

For instance, a longer term would result in lower EMIs, as the cash would be spread out over a longer period. However, longer-term loans would also imply more compound interest. That might lead to you paying back more than you borrowed. For shorter-term loans, the EMIs are higher and the interest paid is lower. Therefore, you must balance these factors so that they do not affect your finances.

There are other factors to consider while deciding on the best personal loan tenure.

How to choose personal loan tenure wisely?

Your personal loan’s EMIs and interest rate are both influenced by the length of the loan tenure. In general, the EMI will be lower for a longer tenure and greater for a shorter one. Choosing a longer loan term will result in a larger interest payment.

Personal loan savings can be maximised by making an informed decision about the term length. We hope the following guidelines will assist you in making the best decision possible about the length of your loan:

Easy tips to choose the loan tenure

Understand your monthly budget.

It is an essential component in determining the length of your stay. Write down your monthly expenses and compare them to your monthly income to calculate your disposable cash flow. With the money you have left over, you may pick a loan term that is manageable for your finances and won’t put an undue strain on your monthly outlay.

Review your monetary forecast for the future.

Since you’ll have more spare cash after you get that raise at work, you can afford a bigger EMI payment each month. By eliminating the loan’s principal balance sooner than expected, you can save money on interest. This additional work leading up to the raise is necessary, but the payoff, in the long run, is well worth it.

Think about your current debts.

You should also think about your other financial obligations while deciding on a suitable term length. Most regular obligations include other debts, credit card payments, rent, and school costs. Make sure the duration you choose allows you to fulfil all of your commitments with minimal fuss. Use spreadsheets with the right formulas to get a clearer view and speed up this process.

Determine the cost of the interest.

Learn the costs associated with the loan, as this is an essential part of the process. To determine the interest rate, it is best to use a formula that takes into account the requested loan amount and the combination of different tenure possibilities. A longer loan period will naturally result in higher interest costs. You should avoid taking out a loan whose payments go on for decades.

Use an EMI Calculator

An easily accessible calculator that may help you decide on important aspects of your loan tenure, such as the repayment schedule and interest rate, as well as the overall cost of the loan. On Piramal Finance, you can easily determine your EMI payment and obtain a detailed breakdown of the fees associated with your loan. In addition, you may use this instrument to evaluate the terms of many loan offers from different financial institutions and select the one that best suits your needs.

A personal loan is one of the most convenient forms of credit available today. If you want to keep your credit score and bank account in good shape, you need to exercise strict financial discipline. It’s important to shop around for a suitable loan by comparing the terms and conditions of several loan programmes provided by different banks and financial institutions before committing to one.


Choosing the proper personal loan tenure is important since your EMI will be reduced throughout this time. Personal loans are available from Piramal Finance with terms as short as 12 months. You may select a longer term of up to 5 years if it is within your financial means.

Knowing the personal loan tenure you have to pay back your loan will help you budget more effectively. Knowing the length of your loan allows you to make an informed decision rather than reacting on the spur of the moment. If you are looking for a reliable platform to get the best personal loan tenure, you must contact Piramal Finance.