All You Need To Know About 1 Ton Split Ac Price


Air conditioners (AC) have become a part of our daily lives. If you are planning to buy a new AC, then do not wait until the summer because the price is low in winter. Decide the capacity of AC that you need and then finalize the brand. You can also research and find the best AC company, to make the final purchase. Let’s check some details about the Split Ac 1 Ton Price, and factors considered while buying.

About 1 Ton Split AC

A 1 Ton air conditioner is an affordable option for many. A 1 Ton Split AC is the preferable air conditioning system in most urban and compact living rooms. Moreover, it is good for cooling one-room apartments. It can be mounted in the ceiling, which saves a lot of space and provides enough cooling.

Different factors affect the pricing when you decide to purchase Split AC of 1 ton. Some of the known 1-Ton air conditioners feature Golden Eva coils. This protects the air conditioner from precipitation, dust, etc. Several air conditioners have a quick-cooling function. This helps in maintaining a suitable air temperature and allows the circulation of cool air.

It is good to conduct a deep research before finalising the product. Consider your needs based on room dimensions, power consumption, AC capacity, and pricing. Let’s check vital factors to consider while purchasing an AC.

Factors To Consider When Buying An AC

To assist you in making an informed decision, we have outlined the aspects to consider before purchasing an air conditioner. Further, these factors will also influence the split AC 1 ton price.

1. Capacity

Choosing the appropriate air conditioner is important. A larger air conditioner might make the room cold more quickly. It may use more power. The smaller air conditioners have to work harder to cool the room. Hence, it consumes more electricity and is less effective at cooling the space. Decide the capacity of the AC first and then make the final purchase.

2. Power Consumption

Air conditioners with a 5-star rating may cost a bit more but they consume much less power. It helps in saving on your electricity bill over time. Most air conditioners have star ratings ranging from 1 to 5. Thus, the greater the star rating, the lower the energy usage. For instance, a 5-star air conditioner will need less energy than a 3-star air conditioner. So, don’t rely only on the Split Ac 1 Ton Price; check the star rating.

3. Compressor

This is among the most important factors when selecting a split-system air conditioner. An Inverter AC can adjust compressor speed and ensure higher energy efficiency. Hence, it might help you save money on operating costs.

4. Warranty

As buying an air conditioner is costly, a warranty is a crucial factor to consider. Thus, the longer the machine is under warranty, the less concerned you are. So, when checking the split AC 1 ton price, also check the duration of the warranty. Most companies provide a one-year guarantee, with extra coverage for delicate and essential components such as the compressor and PCB. Hence, note this and keep all the documents to help you claim the warranty.

5. Installation and maintenance

The AC’s performance is also based on its installation. Incorrect installation might impact the air conditioner’s performance and components. Window air conditioners are easier to install than split air conditioners. Hence, to avoid hassles, it is advisable to have the air conditioner installed by an authorized service centre facility. Get the servicing done for your AC on time. Proper installation and periodic maintenance help to increase the AC’s lifespan. Some companies may offer some free maintenance inclusive of the final price. Do check their policies and the maintenance cost per session.

6. Pricing

The next component is the price of Split Ac of 1 Ton. Earlier, ACs were a luxury product. But now, due to increasing demand for ACs in the summer months, it is easy to buy an AC with various financing options. So getting a brand-new AC is simple and quick. Currently, the pricing of a 1-ton AC starts at Rs 25,000 and can go as high as Rs 40,000. Hence, you can have an AC installed per your budget and requirements.

Benefits of Split AC

Check out the benefits of split AC:

  • Cools the room super fast
  • The compressor is less noisy
  • Its condenser is not located inside
  • Can be easily fit on a wall, and does not require a window

Where Can You Install A 1-Ton Split AC?

  1. Living area: 1-ton split AC is suitable for a small living room of 200 square metres. It will allow quick cooling of an average room.
  2. Bedroom: The bedroom is a nice and comfortable area to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Moreover, bedrooms are the ideal size for a 1-ton air conditioner. A 1-ton air conditioner will maintain a comfortable temperature in your bedroom.
  3. Study area: It is important to have a suitable temperature in the study area. It helps to focus better on studies. Install 1-ton AC in your study to enjoy your reading time.
  4. Office: A 1-ton AC is also a great option for your office if your room is no larger than 200 square meters. Further, split AC 1 ton is comparatively economical. If the room is big, then AC will consume more power and will take time in cooling.


The Split Ac 1 Ton Price is affordable. When investing in an AC, consider the factors discussed above. Ensure that you look at the warranty and installation and book periodic maintenance. You can buy a 1-ton AC with Piramal Finance’s easy financing options. Do visit their website and explore products like personal loans and other financial services.