Ace the Formal Look – Top 10 Dresses for Women 


Spending hours in front of the mirror before heading to the office, wondering what will look best on you? You are not alone in this. Whether a corporate meeting or a business soiree, putting together a stylish yet professional look is no easy task. Undoubtedly, whatever we wear, brings out our personality. Thus making the right choice before stepping into the professional world is an important task.    

As fashion has evolved so much over the years, it has captured the corporate world. Women’s formal look has gone through a lot of changes. Earlier, it was confined to monochrome colours, stripes, solids, and sober designs. However, women’s fashion has taken a turnabout since then. Sober colours have changed into bold prints, and we have shifted to youthful colours from monochrome designs.

Formal wear has broadened its horizons to include not only the monotonous skirts and shirts but dresses, gowns and t-shirts as well. There have been slight variations in the main segment, with semi-formal, smart casual and business casual included without moving away from the authenticity of the traditional looks.

Ladies’ formal wear is an increasingly expanding segment with a rise in female participation in the corporate world. It has led to new fashion trends rising and becoming accessible to every woman in the working sector.

Let us read about the trending formal looks for women in 2022!

Top 10 Formal Outfits for Women Who Want to Trend

1. Basic Shirt and Trousers

Old-school style can never go wrong while putting together a routine formal look. If you plan to play it safe, then a basic shirt and a good pair of trousers can never go wrong. Moreover, a solid colour shirt is essential for a women’s wardrobe when you are not in the mood to get dressed. This combo of clothes reflects its versatility and is a secure option when you are a beginner in the professional world. It is one such ensemble that can never go out of fashion. 

2. Blazers

Blazers can be any woman’s best investment for that chic yet elegant look. Formerly worn by men, blazers have now become essential for women. There are various ways to experiment with blazers, as they come in different ranges. Blazers make a fashion statement when styled properly, from printed patterns to hand-woven textiles. Rich colour tones and quality fabrics can add an elegant factor to your overall look.

3. Sarees

A traditional Indian look, sarees can never disappoint. Often misinterpreted as informal, sarees are the perfect way to combine tradition with the profession. Sarees draped authentically with standard blouses are widely accepted as a formal look. Solid prints, pastel colours or basic designs with soft cotton fabric are ideal for the work atmosphere. Minimal designs ensure comfort and help you maintain sophistication. While opting for sarees, ensure you are comfortable enough to walk and perform routine tasks. 

4. Formal Tops

A woman’s wardrobe mostly consists of formal tops worn mostly daily to work. An elegant formal top provides a modest and chic look. You can never go wrong with a formal blouse paired with a good pair of trousers or pants. Blouses with round necklines or collars give that corporate look and can save you some glances. Solid, pastel or monochrome colours can be opted to suit the atmosphere. 

5. Skirts

Formal skirts speak of confidence and class. They are undoubtedly a favourite among corporate women because of the ease with which they can be paired with full sleeves shirts or formal blouses. Knee-length or below-the-knee skirts are advisable for high-professional workspaces. Make sure you opt for neutral colours or light prints to look elegant.

6. Kurtis

Kurtis are a versatile option to opt for. They can be paired with jeggings, leggings, jeans or trousers. They vary in length, patterns, shades and designs and offer a wide range of options. It is advisable to avoid figure-hugging material and prefer breathable fabrics that are comfortable to carry. 

7. Dresses

Calling a dress perfect for formal wear would be an understatement. Dresses have come up to rule the corporate world as they represent class and elegance. You can experiment with the patterns and still look modest. Dresses give the liberty to choose dark colours or even neutral colours. A good pair of heels and earrings can complete the look and make you ready to shine brighter.

8. Jumpsuits

Casual and fun yet formal, jumpsuits can provide you with that semi-formal look. Jumpsuits work best when structured well with lightweight fabric. They are usually easier and simpler to wear. They add complexity to the attire and are well-suited for formal events and client meetings. 

9. Salwar Set

This two-piece outfit can be mixed and matched with different clothes and thus provides versatility. Salwar sets can be paired with a dupatta to give that ethnic look. Look for neutral tones and simple patterns to have that modest look. 

10. Palazzo Pants

If you are bored of monotonous trousers and want to try something new, palazzo pants can be your go-to option. They work best when styled with formal tops or shirts. Palazzo pants have won the game for comfortability and provide ease of doing routine work. High heels or stilettos are advised to carry the flowy nature of the pants.


With fashion changing daily and new trends being developed every second, it has become important to stay up-to-date and constantly evolve. Women have started to hold power positions and possess increased disposable income, which has led fashion houses to tap the formal wear segment more extensively. 

Nonetheless, we have provided you with the most trending formal wear outfits for women. 

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