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A Comprehensive Guide For Getting Personal Loan in Dhanbad-Bank More – Check Eligibility & Apply Online


Personal loans are products that lenders such as banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) offer to individuals who want funds to cover their personal expenses.

Most people who take out a personal loan require additional funds but do not wish to spend all of their savings at once. Personal loans can be used to pay for things like college, a wedding, home improvements, vacations, and more. They can also be used to get cash quickly.

A simple online application makes it easy to get a loan, and EMIs make it easy to pay it back over time. Like with other types of loans, borrowers are legally liable to pay back the principal loan amount with interest to the lender within the chosen loan tenure.

But lenders change the terms, conditions, and loan factors based on what people in different Indian cities want. In this way, they can better cater to the needs of the residents of a particular city or locality. The same is true with a personal loan in Dhanbad- Bank More. 

More about Personal Loan in Dhanbad-Bank More

Bank More is a famous locality in the city of Dhanbad, and people consider it the city’s heart. The area is a central financial hub, and almost all of the major banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) do business there to serve the financial needs of the people of Dhanbad.

For residents of Dhanbad who want a personal loan, there is a high possibility that they will look towards Bank More as an ideal place to go. But since most lenders now only accept online applications for personal loans, it’s important to know how to apply for one and what the benefits are.

Features and Benefits of a Personal Loan in Dhanbad- Bank More

If you are a resident of Dhanbad, you must have heard about Bank More, where people go if they want to take a personal loan. However, you can apply online for a personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More by visiting your preferred lender’s website.

Lenders have specifically designed an individual loan product for the residents of Dhanbad. Here are the features and benefits of a personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More: 

  • Immediate Capital: A personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More allows you to raise quick money by following a simple and user-friendly application process. Quality lenders approve the personal loan applications of borrowers within minutes of submission. Additionally, borrowers get the loan amount credited into their bank account in under 30 minutes.
  • Flexible EMIs: A personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More offers an effective repayment tenure that starts at 12 months and goes on to 60 months. Quality lenders are providing personal loans in Dhanbad-Bank More design their products so that the borrower can repay them through flexible EMIs. These flexible EMIs make sure that the borrower can pay back the loan without having to worry about money.
  • No End-Use Restrictions: One of the best features of a personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More is that you can use it without restrictions. It means that residents of Dhanbad can spend the loan on any personal legal expenses without being answerable to the lender for where they used the money.
  • Pocket-Friendly Cost System: A personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More offers a loan amount from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. Lenders charge nominal interest rates to avoid burdening borrowers. Also, these lenders offer personal loans in Dhanbad-Bank More with no fees for prepayment or default.

Personal Loan in Dhanbad- Bank More: Eligibility Criteria

Quality lenders do not require submitting an asset as collateral while offering a personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More. But the risk for lenders is high because they don’t have anything to sell to pay back their principal if the borrower doesn’t pay back the loan.

Hence, lenders take the utmost precaution by lending the principal amount to those borrowers who fulfil the set eligibility criteria for the personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More.

Eligibility Criteria For Personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More

Entities: Salaried individuals working under the following can apply:

  • Government Institution
  • Private Sector 
  • Public Sector 
  • MNCs or related companies
  • Partnership Firms 
  • Proprietorship concern

Age: The borrower must be between the ages of 21 and 60.

Income: The borrower must earn a minimum of Rs 25,000 per month.

Work experience: The person who wants to borrow money must have worked for the current company for at least six months.

Documents Required for Personal Loan in Dhanbad- Bank More

The application process for a personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More requires completing KYC. In addition, the borrowers have to upload and submit some personal documents to get the loan application approved. Here are the documents necessary to get a personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More:

The PAN Card is compulsory.

Identity Proof (any of the following):

  • Passport 
  • Driver’s Licence 
  • Aadhaar Voter 
  • Identity Card

Address Proof (any one of the following):

  • Registered Leave and Lease Agreement
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Aadhaar Card/Aadhar Acknowledgement
  • Voter’s Identity Card
  • Utility bills like telephone bills, electricity bills, etc. (not more than three months old)

Income Proof (all of the following):

  • Latest month’s salary slips
  • Bank statements from the previous three months

How to Apply For a Personal Loan In Dhanbad-Bank More

Although you can visit the lender’s office in Bank More to apply for the personal loan, it is wise to apply online as the process is simple and time-effective. Here is the process to apply for a personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More online:

  • Step 1: Open the lender’s website and navigate to the “Personal Loan” page.
  • Step 2: Click the “Apply Online” button and enter your phone number.
  • Step 3: Enter the OTP received on the phone number to open the application form.
  • Step 4: Enter all the required personal and professional details.
  • Step 5: Upload all the required documents and click “Submit.”


If you have personal expenses, it is never a good idea to spend your hard-earned savings all at once. Therefore, a personal loan in Dhanbad-Bank More is ideal for raising immediate capital if you reside in Dhanbad.

However, as numerous financial entities are offering personal loans in Dhanbad-Bank More, it is vital to understand their process before choosing the ideal product. If you have any queries or want a personal loan, head to Piramal Finance, where we take care of your individual expenditure needs.