A Complete Guide on How to Calculate Land Area

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Looking for land to purchase but worried about how accurately to measure it before buying? The land area calculator will help you to calculate the same. Land area is measured differently across India’s many states. Find a common international measurement system that corresponds to the state’s local land measurement term. Land calculators on the internet make it easy to get an exact measurement. Read this article to learn about the methods of calculating or measuring land.

How to Measure a Land

Many techniques exist for accurately surveying both small and large, erratic plots of land. Some approaches are straightforward and based on elementary geometry, while others are more involved and could make use of global positioning system (GPS) data and satellite photos. This piece explores the various tools and methods at the surveyor’s disposal.

Before purchasing land, it is important to construct a boundary wall, and settling a boundary wall dispute with a neighbor is important. Getting an accurate measurement of the land is also important. We can take the necessary measurements and calculate the results using only the geometry we learned in high school. If, however, the land in question has a peculiar shape or if you intend to acquire a very large plot of land, say, a farm that is several miles across, then you need to use the advanced technique.

Methods of Measuring Land Using the Land Calculator

The methods for measuring land are listed below. Check them out:

  • Geometric Method

The geometric method involves surveying and plotting the irregularly shaped plot over a sheet of graph paper. The land is broken up into geometric shapes whose areas may be calculated mathematically.

To fill up a map, one begins with the largest geometric figure that can be drawn neatly, then works their way down to ever smaller ones. The areas of each of them are determined, and their sum provides the total area.

For example:

Area of Rectangle: Length × Breadth

Area of Square: Length × Length

Triangle Area = 1/2 Base Height

Area of Trapezium: 0.5 × (Length 1 + Length 2) x Height

Using these formulas, you can calculate the correct area.

  • Using Planimeter on Map

You can get a little tool called a planimeter if you need to measure the size of a flat section in a 2D diagram. All shapes, both regular and irregular, can be accurately measured using this apparatus. Just flip it wherever you need to and run the end pin along the area’s perimeter to get an accurate reading. It can easily move in any direction because of its flexible connectivity.

To make use of a planimeter, you must first acquire a map or aerial snapshot of the area. Google Earth, Wikimapia, and other programs now provide access to high-resolution satellite images. After measuring the lengths and angles of the various lines with a planimeter, you may use that information to create your own map.

  • The Issue of Scale May Arise

The area will be reported on the planimeter’s own scale, usually expressed in square meters, so you’ll need to do some converting before proceeding. With the knowledge of the map’s scale ratio and a known area on the map, you may determine the area of a small square drawn anywhere on the map. Finally, you get an assessment by running the planimeter across it.

If your planimeter reads 1.5 square meters, but your square is 300 square feet, then 1 m2 is 200 feet square.

With this in mind, to convert the planimeter’s final reading in square meters to square feet, just multiply the metric value by 2.

  • By Using Measuring Wheel

You can also use a measuring wheel to get a rough estimate of the size of the area. For the most part, it functions similarly to a planimeter. All you need to do is walk around the perimeter of the area to get an accurate reading. Make sure you follow the above-given instructions at the exact location. Created in the form of a single bicycle wheel, it must be rolled to all of the property lines to obtain an accurate measurement. When you get to the starting point, it shows the current reading in the units you chose.

  • By using Graph Paper

You can use graph paper to superimpose a map on a transparent sheet, or you can take a photostat on a slide of clear plastic. Once that’s done, it can be clamped over a sheet of graph paper of the appropriate size.

Given that we know the area of every square in the graph, the area can be calculated by counting the squares and multiplying that number by the map’s scale.

  • Using GPS

GPS, which stands for “global positioning system,” is a network of satellites that, when used with a portable receiver, can pinpoint your exact location. It is useful for calculating the area of large tracts of land by first traveling to their extremes and noting their coordinates.

  • Using Aerial Photographs

A planimeter or graph paper with the appropriate scale can also be used to measure land areas seen in aerial images. For land surveys, these are a must-have. If the terrain is marked clearly or has good contrast, this is a really helpful tool.


The purpose of this article is to give a comprehensive examination of land area calculators. Whether you’re setting out small or large plots of land or buying a new house, you’ll need to know how much space you have. Land calculators help you calculate the area of land in acres. Before investing, it is also important to be aware of the land area.

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