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5 Ways to Get the Best Personal Loan Interest Rate in India


A personal loan is a kind of credit that can be used for a variety of things. This loan may be useful to you whether you wish to plan a trip, have unpaid bills, or suffer from a fiscal or health emergency. Another perk is that this credit is unsecured. As a result, you may obtain it without putting up any safety.

You may contact several financial firms available for an instant personal loan. Yet, before asking for a personal loan, you must examine a few key factors that will help you get the lowest personal loan interest rate.

When applying for a bank loan, compare lending rates or other factors. In a hard situation, a low rate will greatly decrease your EMIs.

This post will guide you on how to get a low personal loan interest rate easily.

What Exactly Are Personal Loans?

A personal loan is borrowed at a fixed rate and repaid over a certain time. These loans are unsecured. Thus, no security or assets are required. Use the loan proceeds to meet your urgent money needs, whatever these may be. Obtaining a personal loan is a fantastic solution to all your money needs.

A personal loan is likely one of the most vital duties. You must alter your budget to repay it on time, even without paying a lump sum. Yet, if you want a loan, make an effort to get one with the lowest personal loan interest rate available.

Factors Influencing Personal Loan Interest Rates

Many lenders have developed guidelines for personal loan interest rates. Lenders base the interest rate offers on those guidelines. The following factors influence personal loan interest rates:

  • Your Earnings

Your income dictates the loan interest. Many lenders will believe you can make timely loan payments if you have a great salary and a steady income stream. You will benefit from lower rates and an easy personal loan if you make this impression.

  • Loan Amount

Your required loan amount is the most vital factor for the personal loan interest rate. The loan value given to you is set by your income and the sector in which you work.

  • Repayment Period

The duration of the line of credit directly affects the interest rate. The tried-to-offer rates would then reduce as the tenure lengthened.

  • Potential for Repayment

The capacity of the person to repay the loan is key in assessing interest rates. Many lenders believe you will repay the loan on time if you have no other debt obligations. 

  • Relation with the Lender

Existing banks or firms may be granted a lower interest rate when asking for a personal loan if they strongly link with the loan provider. This is the bank’s option, and not all current clients will be given a positive interest rate.

  • Rating of Credit

Your credit score influences how much you can finance and your interest rate. As a result, interest rates can be much lower if you possess a credit score of at least 750 and no defaults.

How to Get the Lowest Personal Loan Rate?

Here are the 5 ways to get the best personal loan interest rate:

  1. Have a good credit rating

A score of 700 or more is typically regarded to be a good score. A strong credit score helps your capacity to get new credit and allows you to get the loan amount with desired payback term at cost-effective rates. People with better credit scores are more likely to get a reduced personal loan rate on spending. A good credit score reflects groups give conduct and greater credit ratings. You can keep your credit score high by paying bills on time, preserving your credit record under 30%, having a diverse credit mix, avoiding combined loan enquiry with multiple lenders, which tends to increase the number of hard queries on your credit file, and so on.

  1. Check the rates given by various lenders

If you fulfil many banks’ bank loan eligibility rules, you could always visit an online money market and evaluate the various offers. This might assist you in getting the best bargain.

  1. Good existing banking link

Solid current contact with a lender may help you acquire a personal loan interest rate and better terms of service. This occurs because the lender is aware of your results add behaviour, and there is less risk in lending to an existing client.

  1. Examine the method of calculating the rate

It is usually a good idea to check the method a lender uses to compute the rate charged on personal loans. Loans are often given at a lower rate, but you may wind up paying a greater interest sum at the end of the loan term. Lenders provide loans at either a fixed or decreasing rate if a fixed rate is paid on the whole loan principle during the life of the loan. In contrast, the declining balance method calculates personal loan interest rates solely on the existing principle. As a result, taking out a personal loan with a falling rate may cost you less than taking out a loan with a fixed rate, and vice versa.

  1. Have a solid job history

Having a lengthy and stable job history might improve your loan options and help you receive a cheaper rate on your bank loan. Lenders often demand clients have a two-year total job history, including a year with the company. Employees of reputable public and commercial firms, federal or state authorities, and so on are often given personal loans with more ideal terms and lower rates. This is because these people have steady jobs and incomes, making them less likely to fail on loans.


While taking a personal loan, the rate is a vital factor in assessing whether or not the loan meets your money needs. The rate charged by the financial firm is affected by many factors that have been covered. A low-interest rate raises the loan’s value by making repayment easy.

At the same time, choosing which lender is best for a personal loan is vital. Keep in mind the things such as EMI, processing costs, application procedure, and so on when selecting a personal loan for you. Hope the tips discussed above will help you get a personal loan at the lowest rate. 

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