5 Dressing Table Designs in 2022 That Are Sure to Turn Heads


If you’re reading this article, you’re most likely hunting for unique dressing table designs for your room. 

Maybe you’re looking for one that is smartly designed and does not take up a lot of space in the room. Or, perhaps, you want the dressing table design to be minimal yet elegant. Or, maybe, one that complements your taste or the vibe of your room. 

Whichever it is, your search for the best dressing table designs will be over by the time you finish reading this article! Learn about the latest styles and help find the one that best suits your needs and choices.        

  1. The Minimalist 

If you’re a minimalist or don’t have a lot of cosmetics or jewellery to store on a dressing table, you will love this one. It’s simple to install and will easily grace any well-lit corner of your room. 

Besides using the drawers, if you need to store more things, you can neatly arrange them in small pouches, boxes, or organisers and place them on the table. 

These dressing tables are best suited for small rooms. Their seating stools save space in the room as you can slide them under the table.        

Another advantage of these designs is that if the table top is clean, you can use the dresser as a desk when needed!

  1. Bright, Fresh, Modern Styles

If you’re struggling to choose between a small, plain dresser and a huge, lavish one, this one is the middle ground you need. Such dressing tables are simple, stylish, and roomy enough.  

You can easily store your cosmetics, jewellery, and other accessories in the drawers. So, you can very conveniently find them all in one place.   

If you have the space, you can keep extra shelves on the sides, just like in the picture above. Pro tip: use drawer storage organisers to arrange all your things so that you don’t have to waste time struggling to find small articles. 

  1. Wall-Mounted Dresser

A wall-mounted dressing table design is another wonderful choice for a small room. The full-length mirror works brilliantly to create an illusion of space and make the room look larger. And it is also perfect for clicking mirror selfies or glancing at your outfit before you leave the house. 

You can hang your bangles, bracelets, watches, belts, or keys on the rods or hooks. And you can place all your lotions, perfumes, jewellery boxes, etc., on the shelves. Just be careful not to keep small jewellery items directly on the shelves, or you may lose them! 

You can use any chair or seating stool for sitting comfortably and adorning yourself. This is one thing that wall-mounted dressing tables fail to give. It is easy to spread out all your makeup essentials on a table and use them handily. 

  1. The Classic Retro  

This one is a classic retro dressing table design. It is not an entirely new style, but it’s certainly back in trend. 

If you have a thing for retro designs that make you nostalgic, this one will be a good option. Or if you want something that isn’t huge yet gives a classy plush look, go for such vintage dressing table designs.    

It is, again, a piece of creative space-saving furniture. It has good enough storage capacity- neither too little nor too much. It will be sufficient to store everyday essentials. 

You won’t be disappointed to sit there admiring the dresser and yourself in the mirror! 

  1. Wardrobe Cum Dresser 

A wardrobe/closet cum dresser is a modern dressing table design that is very thoughtful and practical. 

What’s better than having your dresser embedded in your wardrobe unit itself? And to have ALL your outfits, makeup, accessories, and everything you need to get ready in the same place?

There are several ways in which a wardrobe cum dresser can be arranged!

You can have the dressing table in the centre of the wardrobe or on any of its ends.

If you opt for a chair or seating stool, you may miss the presence of a full-length mirror. So, in that case, you can install mirrors on the doors of the wardrobes. And you can use the space below the table top to slide in the seating stool or install extra storage drawers. 

If you want your wardrobe to look uniform and plain, the dresser can be covered with wardrobe doors, something like in the picture below. 

Tips or pointers you must keep in mind while choosing a dressing table design for your room

  • Make a list of things you want to store on your dressing table – jewellery, cosmetics, bags, belts, keys, stationery, indoor plants, etc. Then decide the size of the dressing table and the number of drawers and shelves depending on that list.  
  • Don’t compromise on good lighting. Your dressing table is where you get ready to go to work, parties, etc. And you need a well-lit, bright room to dress up and apply makeup. That makes good lighting imperative. Get in-built bulbs in your dresser, or use fairy lights or lamps. If possible, keep the dresser in a place that gets natural sunlight.       
  • You might want to get a dresser with a full-length mirror. After all, it’s quite advantageous. It makes the room look bigger. It allows you to view your complete outfit. And most importantly, it is super helpful when draping a Saree.  
  • If you are guilty of keeping your room messy, invest in a dressing table with sufficient drawers. This will help you keep the tabletop free from mess and clutter. 
  • Ensure that your dressing table’s colour and design match your room’s vibe. Consider the walls’ colours, the room’s size, and the colour, design, and other furniture.  


Now you know the right information about the various dressing table designs. We hope this article has given you more clarity about the designs you need.

Whether you choose a retro style, a closet cum dressing table, or a wall-mounted dresser, just be mindful of your requirements and preferences!

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