10 Best Water Purifier Brands in India 2022


As it must be known to all, water is the lifeline on this planet Earth. Whether living in a village or a city, there is a need for a water purifier. In some areas, the government has taken the initiative to provide clean water. But there are still places where potable water is yet to reach. People in those areas will have to get a water purifier. They need to do so to stay well. People do not pay much attention to a cleaner. They tend to buy one without much research. But before buying, they should determine which is best for them. Continue reading this article to find out the Best Water Purifier In India.

10 best water purifiers available in India in 2022:

  1. Eureka Forbes:

Eureka Forbes is the best option if a person is looking for the Best Water Purifier For Home. It is a well-known and top-ranked water purifier in India. This brand has many products launched in the market. The customers love them all. They have the eight-stage technology RO+ UV+ MDTS+ Alkaline+ UV e-boiling+ mineral technology. 

  1. Faber:

It is a home appliance brand based in Italy. All their products are in demand in the market. One of them is the FWP Galaxy PRO Reverse Osmosis which is the Best Water Purifier For Home currently. Customers prefer this product because it is known to be energy-efficient.

  1. Mi:

It is an electronics brand of Chinese Origin, famous for selling products at a reasonable price. It has many water filters with lucrative features. They have a DIY system of filter replacements. They also have products with internet connectivity. Therefore, it is so much in demand in the market now. 

  1. Always Swift:

This brand is Indian based. It has many RO water purifiers with great features. It has a pre-filter, spanner, & stage water purification, accessories for wall mounting and Teflon tape. These features make them highly demand throughout the nation.

  1. AO Smith:

It is an American-based brand. The purifiers of this brand have a five-star rating. It is equipped with great technologies. It has RO + SMCT technology, mineralizer technology and an 8-step processor. It is the reason why the product of this brand is demanded worldwide and is the Best Water Purifier

  1. Blue Star:

This brand is India’s renowned electronics manufacturer. Consumers favour these brands’ air conditioners and refrigerators. It also has a Majesto MA4BSAM02 UV + RO water purifier (8 litres). It has received appreciation from the customers, and they recommend it. This water purifier has many great technologies. 

  1. Havells:

This brand is India’s one of the most renowned manufacturers of home appliances. They have many products. But the customer’s favourite is Digi Touch Alkaline 6 L safe + UV water purifier.

  1. HUL:

A brand named HUL has just launched its water purifier. Now, in the market, it is considered to be the most modern purifier with great technology. It has a dual dispenser for water, an LED indicator and MF + RO + UV purifier process. It is known to be one of the Best Water Purifier In India

  1. Aquaguard:

This brand is quite well-known in Indian households. It is known for producing great products over the years. They have introduced many high-tech purifiers. They all do a commendable job. They are outfitted with great technology like MTDTS technology, Smart LED Indicators and UV + RO technology. 

  1. Kent:

It is considered to be one of the most trusted RO purifiers. It offers excellent facilities to the customers like zero water waste and a digital screen. It has a range of great purifiers that promise to kill viruses and bacteria and provide safe water.

What points to consider in a water purifier brand?

Currently, the purifier brands that are doing good in the market are RO-based systems. One needs to be clear about their needs before making a purchase. Only after that should they buy the ideal water purifier.

  1. Know the technology: 

One always does not need the RO water purifying filter. The process can be done using a gravity filter. They are much cheaper than the RO ones. But one must take care that in their area, the water’s TDS level is lesser than 250ppm. 

  1. Get familiar with the technical specifications:

While purchasing, one must consider the manual TDS, mineral filter, UF and UV. Indeed, the RO system removes the salts and minerals from the water. One must also consider how much water is needed daily. Hence, customers can choose the size accordingly. 

  1. The pricing:

While trying to buy the Best Water Purifier For Home, one must not forget the price point. A simple gravity-based purifier will cost around Rs 1,500. But a RO purifier is priced between Rs 8,000 and 10,000. 

  1. Check the warranty period:

Many brands in India offer one-two years of warranty. But one should research well. It is so because brands like Kent offer up to a four-year warranty period.


As the article suggests, one must look into specifications before purchasing a trusted water purifier. It is important to know one’s needs and decide on the product. One must do proper market research and then choose the most desirable product. The above might be helpful to one who is looking to buy a water purifier. The above list mentions the Best Water Purifier In India. If one is looking for personal loans or other financing options, one can check out Piramal Finance.