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Business Loan in Nashik

Nashik is the fourth largest city in Maharashtra. With immense religious importance, the city is one of the country’s most famous Hindu pilgrimage sites. Called the “Wine Capital of India” more than half of Indian wineries and vineyards are located in the Nashik Valley. Moreover, Nashik is one of the major fastest-growing Indian cities that hosts several automobile parts manufacturing companies too.

Many examples show that this city is fit for automobile businessmen, wine farmers, small-scale manufactures, beverage packers/ suppliers, and other MSMEs. If you own a similar business in Nashik and plan to give it a boost then applying for a business loan will be the right thing to do. A business loan will make sure you have enough funds to build new offices, recruit more staff and increase your production and supply without experiencing a financial crunch in your personal funds.

Read on to find out the details to buy a business loan in Nashik.

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Key features and benefits:

  1. Prompt and hassle-free process:
  2. Being a city of hustle and bustle, the people of Nashik will now not have to run here and there to get their loans sanctioned. With Piramal Finance you can purchase a business loan in Nashik as quickly and easily as possible. The combination of hassle-free application and speedy disbursal ensures your time and convenience are taken care of.

    Higher loan amount:

    Almost 90% of India’s wine comes from the Nashik valleys and just like others companies and businesses, handling them requires more operational funds. At Piramal Capital Housing and Finance, you can take the comprehensive assessment and apply for business loans up to INR 25 Lakhs, whatever may suit your business requirements.

  3. Dedicated support:
  4. When buying a business loan in Nashik you get 24/7 dedicated support in case you are stuck in any of the processes.

  5. Wide range of collaterals:
  6. If you have a passive residential or commercial property in Nashik, then you can offer it as collateral to avail of a secured loan and expand your prevailing business. Piramal Finance accepts a wide range of properties so that your dream business’s success is never limited.

  7. Online account management:
  8. To lessen the troubles of Nashikites that may be caused while buying a business loan, the facility of online purchase and online account management has been launched. You can now easily check your premium payment dates, loan details, and other information about your business loan in your free time.

Eligibility criteria for applying to a Business loan in Nashik:

To be able to purchase a business loan in Nashik, you need to be eligible according to the following criteria:

Minimum: 21 years
Maximum: 70 years

This business loan can be availed by both the salaried and self-employed individuals of Nashik.

Interest rates:
An attractive interest rate of 12.5% and above is offered to both salaried and self-employed individuals.


  • Identity proof
  • KYC documents
  • ITR receipts
  • Bank statements and salary slips.
  • A copy of Form 16
  • Collateral property documents.

How to apply?

Follow the steps to apply for a business loan in Nashik:

  1. Visit the official website, read the features of the loans
  2. Once satisfied, click on “Quick Apply.”
  3. Enter the required details and submit
  4. Wait for the official response to move ahead with the process.

To sum up:

Nashik, for several reasons, is one of the best places to hold a business, but sometimes funds can become a limiting factor. By purchasing a business loan in Nashik, you can invest in modernized machinery, better infrastructure, and increased supply that will give your business a competitive edge. So, stop procrastinating and contact Piramal Finance today!

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