Business Loan offerings by Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Ltd. (Piramal Finance)

Key Features

Loan amount

₹ 2 Crore

Loan tenure up to

15 years

Interest rates starting at

11.50% p.a

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Who Can Apply?

The eligibility criteria mainly depends on your employment. Calculate the EMI & check your eligibility.

Calculate EMI & Check eligibility
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Principal amount
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Documents Required

For a Business Loan we require certain documents based on profession / occupation of applicant.

KYC Documents

Proof of Identity & Address

Income Documents

Proof of Income


Passport Size photographs


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Our Happy Customers

We are in the business of financial planning but the day I finalized my property, I needed to get a loan I found Piramal Finance to be the best option. They cater to all the requirements of their customers and helped me at every single step to get a business loan.

Nirmal Dand
Financial Planner

Why Choose a Loan Against Property from Us

We, at Piramal Finance, are the ideal choice for a loan against property for any business for the following reasons:

Wide Range of Collaterals

Business Loans funding across a wide range of collaterals and different types of properties

Quick Sanctions

You run your business; we will take care of the formalities.

Higher Eligibility Maximum Loan

Our comprehensive assessment allows us to lend you the maximum amount possible.

Seamless Credit Access For Self-Employed Individuals

Getting authorized for just a loan gets more challenging when you're not a salaried employee. This is due to the fact that you do not have a consistent source of money to fall depend on. However, it is far easier for self-employed persons to secure a loan against property with minimum documentation. These are some examples:

  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of Identity
  • Property documents
  • Past six-month bank account statements

No Barriers!

Loans against property are popular among business executives since there are no restrictions on how the huge quantity borrowed may be used. This isn't always the scenario with something like a home loan.

Debtors who get a Loan Against Property (LAP) can deploy the funds for a variety of commercial objectives, such as starting new companies or acquiring additional enterprises to fulfill their working capital needs.

Huge & Urgent Fund Source

A LAP might be the ideal option if you require large amounts of funds at one time and are required to spend the funds at your discretion. You may utilize a LAP to generate funds, settle loans, meet a liquidity crisis, or just scale your business.

Types of Business Loan

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