The Emerging Corporate Lending (ECL) vertical caters to financing emerging and mid-market businesses on a sector-agnostic basis. It targets transactions ranging from ₹ 10 to 100 crores across sectors as diverse as automotive dealerships, auto ancillaries, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, electronic surveillance, and IT services. Borrowers benefit from a range of products at competitive rates, each customizable in terms of repayment schedule and security which is typically not covered by traditional wholesale lending channels.
Solutions We Offer
Emerging Corporate Lending offers a wide range of products as outlined below:
Senior Debt
Offers funding to growing companies at competitive interest rates, especially if the company has a strong flow history.
Loan Against Property
Provides funding to developers with property assets to access financial backing based on the liquidation value of the asset.
Lease Rent Discounting
An innovative scheme that allows higher liquidity and flexible repayment schedule to the borrower.
Loan Against Cash Flows
Offers lending based on projected cashflow of companies with robust perfomance and strong ecpected revenues.
Promotor Financing
Offers funding against listed or unlisted shared of the promoters of young companies to meet expansion / Diversification needs.
Structured Debt
Provides uniquely customizable financial solutions that can be designed to fit the complex requirements of the growing company
Acquisition Financing
Provides financing solutions to enable growing companies to fund their acquisition strategies to achieve economies of scale