A home loan is a secured loan that helps customers to purchase a desired property. You make a specific EMI payment every month to repay the loan. The property is regarded as a security by the lender. In case the borrower is not able to pay off the loan, the legal rights of recovering the loan amount are with the lending company.

Common documents required for Housing Loan EMI Calculator

కెవైసి పత్రాలు

గుర్తింపు మరియు చిరునామా ధ్రువీకరణ

ఆదాయ పత్రాలు

ఆదాయ ధ్రువీకరణ

తనఖాగా పెట్టి ఆస్తి డాక్యుమెంటేషన్

భూమి మరియు ఆస్తి సంబంధ పత్రాలు


పాస్ పోర్టు సైజు ఫోటోగ్రాఫ్ లు


వాట్సాప్ మీ ఈ పత్రాల జాబితా

What are the documents needed for home loan?

Although the loan application may appear challenging, with preparation, you can easily navigate through it without any problems. The list of documents required for home loan depends on the applicant's profession or occupation.

Document TypeFor Self-Employed IndividualsFor Salaried Individuals
Photo ID Proof
Aadhaar card / Pan card
Aadhaar card / Pan card
Residence Address Proof
Aadhar card
Aadhar card
Office Address Proof
GST Registration Certificate / Trade License / Partnership Deed / Import Export Code / SEBI Registration Certificate / Memorandum of Association / ROC Registration Certificate
Not applicable
Income Proof
P/L Account and Balance Sheet for the previous three years, ITRs of the last three years, bank account statement of business account
Bank account statement of salary account, salary slip of the last three months, Form 16

Benefits of Getting Home Loan from Piramal Finance

When you get a home loan, you are creating an asset instead of taking on a liability like other loans. This asset in most cases will only appreciate with time. This makes taking a home loan quite advantageous.

You can Get your Dream house.

A home loan can turn your dream into a reality. It makes buying a house affordable.

Repay as per your Pocket

Home loans are quite flexible. You can choose a repayment term for as many as 30 years, making the monthly installments well within your reach. You can select an EMI according to your budget to repay the loan.

Tax Benefits

Considered to be the biggest tax-saving instrument, home loans allow you to save a great deal. Under Sections 24, 80C, and 80EEA of the Income Tax Act, you can claim up to INR 5 lakhs as a tax deduction.

Growth of your Assets

Your house is an asset that can offer you the highest appreciation benefits. Unlike a car, the value of this asset will not decrease because of depreciation.

Easy Procedures

With Piramal Finance, from your loan application to the payment journey, the procedures are easy-to-understand and transparent. Our dedicated customer care team offers you constant support whenever you need it. Even evaluating any specific documents required for home loan will your home loan process faster.

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