Real Estate Financing has been the core business of Piramal Finance and constitutes a large part of the portfolio of the group since the inception of the financial services platform. Piramal Finance is capable of funding across the capital stack, right from early-stage equity to late-stage debt covering mezzanine & structured debt, construction finance, lease rental discounting, loan against property as well as bulk buying apartments. Piramal Finance launched a housing finance vertical, thereby, creating a single window platform providing holistic financing solutions to real estate finance companies in India. Get convenient financing options for your real estate investment. Piramal Home Finance will offer flexible loan periods with easy EMIs
Solutions We Offer
Real Estate Finance offers a wide range of products as outlined below
Private Equity
Allows investments into projects
involving an active management strategy
with expectations of sustainable returns.
Prefereed Mazzanine
Offers a range of financial solutions to
projects at various stages of development
or with specific requirements.
Senior Secured / Structured Debt
Provides readily accessible funds against
assets for varied requirements of developers that
traditional financial products cannot address.
Construction Finance
Provides loans to developers towards
funding residential projects during the
construction phase.

Hospitality sector financing is a recent foray for Piramal Finance. We feel that the sector has a dearth of intelligent capital (debt) to provide holistic and long-term solutions. It is a capital-intensive sector with a long payback period. We plan to extend our learnings from the RE sector i.e., get the basics right and provide long-term customized solutions to the borrower suited to their requirements without compromising on our security package. We are providing financing solutions to hotels that will be operated by branded players in established and emerging markets.

There isn’t any ideal answer to what real estate investing option you must choose. Nevertheless, it’s better to shift your focus to your preferred and desired investment strategy and long-term goals.

For instance, if you consider real estate as a way to maximize your retirement savings, you should opt for our Senior Secured / Structured Debt. However, if you set a long-run goal to start or expand your self-owned real-estate business, you must consider our commercial loan options.

Another crucial element to consider while determining a real estate financing option is the type of real estate investment you want to opt for. To repeat, the ideal strategy depends on what you want. However, it’s best to know that some financing choices can be ideally designed for distinct investments.

Many of our customers find that private equity loans can assist in financing rental real estate, while hospitality loans like structured LAP and last-mile loans can be your go-to choice if you’re into hotel construction. Be decisive about why you need funds for real estate investing and compare the pros and cons of every available option.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to real estate financing, we stand out among other institutions for the following reasons:

Easy & Quick Access to Capital

Our real estate financing loan options ensure quick and easy access to additional cash flow for your real estate finance business. You can utilize these funds to buy the latest technology and equipment, meet payroll expenses, and more

Smooth & Seamless Application Process

Although the ideal notion is that the real estate loan process is a daunting task, it is much more seamless and convenient than raising funds from the debt markets. Our platform ensures minimal documentation requirements, a fast verification procedure, and quick approval of your loans

Ownership Retention

It’s imperative to know that a real estate loan in India (whether commercial or residential) won’t affect your ownership. For instance, businesses generally issue equity to source funds. In this process, the business owner dilutes a certain percentage of their own equity.However, that’s not the case for commercial loans. If you take a commercial loan for your real estate business, you’ll only have to focus on repaying the money in the form of installments. You won’t have to issue any equity or risk ownership.


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