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Business Loan in Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, is called by many names, “the startup capital”, “the Silicon Valley”, “ the Garden City”, and the “IT Hub” are some of the famous names by which Bangalore loves to be called. This beautiful city is ahead of its time in every sector, be it for top colleges, IT companies, MNC headquarters, 5-star hotel chains, or e-commerce companies.

Apart from the big global companies, numerous small-scale businesses are flourishing in this garden city. Being modern and economically stable, Bangalore offers immense business opportunities like cafe business, organic food stores, paying guest services, real estate brokerage, etc. If you, too, have a similar or different sort of business and wish to make it a success, you need to get a business loan right now. A business loan will help you add extra features to your products, accelerate your marketing schemes, modernize your infrastructure and give a much-needed push to your business.

Want to know more?

Read on to find out the features before buying a business loan in Bangalore.

  1. Speedy disbursals:
  2. Apart from being an IT city, Bangalore is also known for its heavy traffic, and in this situation, roaming around for getting your business loan approved can be tiresome. Well, with Piramal Finance, you can get your business loan sanctioned simply and promptly.

  3. Minimal documentation:
  4. A businessman in a metropolitan city like Bangalore barely has time, and for your convenience, Piramal Finance demands minimal documentation when you apply for a business loan in Bangalore.

  5. Funding up to INR 25 Lakhs:
  6. The needs of every Bangalore-based business person are different, and, therefore, different funds are required. At Piramal Finance, you can take a comprehensive assessment to know your enterprise's needs and avail of an easy loan up to INR 25 Lakhs.

  7. Flexibility with collaterals:
  8. If you need a business loan in Bangalore, you can offer your passive property as collateral and purchase a secured business loan. Piramal Finance understands the need for funds and thus accepts a wide range of collateral and properties for the loan.

  9. Online account access :
  10. For the ease of the busy Bangaloreans, the features of online purchase and account management have been launched. Now, you can easily purchase a business loan in Bangalore and access your online account for personal details.

Eligibility criteria for purchasing a business loan in Bangalore:


Minimum: 21 years
Maximum: 70 years

Employment :

All salaried and self-employed individuals can apply for a business loan in Bangalore.

Interest rates

An attractive interest rate of 12.5% and above is offered to both the salaried and self-employed individuals of Bangalore.

Documents required:

  • Identity proof
  • KYC documents
  • ITR receipts
  • Bank statements for at least the previous six months and salary slips.
  • A copy of Form 16
  • Collateral property documents.

How to apply?

Follow the below-given steps to apply for a business loan in Noida:

  1. Visit Piramal Finance's official website and read about business loans in Bangalore.
  2. Click on the "Quick Apply " button and fill in the required details.
  3. Submit your details and then wait for an official response to move ahead with the process.

In a nutshell

Bangalore for several reasons offers extensive business opportunities for all. Owning a small or large business in this silicon valley is no less than a boon provided you keep your business updated to the needs and wants of your customers. Buying a business loan in Bangalore would be a good option to expand your ongoing business and give it a boost. Don’t let lack of funds limit your success and go for a business loan today.

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